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9 Convincing Reasons to Study in Ireland

 “Is Ireland good for studying abroad? If you are having this question in your mind, then read to the very end to find out! Ireland, famously known as Emerald Isle, is an island nation that is located at the edge of Europe.

This country is popular for its rich history, culture, tradition, zestful nightlife, and offering alluring views of the land as well as the sea. Besides the vibrant cities offering several adventures and beckoning locations, the cost of living is also reasonable along with the top-class education system.

These might not be adequate reasons why one should be studying there, therefore, we have come up with this detailed piece of writing to let you explore the various reasons.

9 Benefits to Study in Ireland

Emerald Isle is one of the top countries that have higher numbers of international students. Currently, it has more than 35,000 international students from 161 nations and the numbers are constantly increasing.

The question arises, what is so attractive to this island nation? Let’s dig deeper to find out its answer. 

Best Education System that makes Ireland good for studying abroad

Emerald Isles is well famous for the higher standard of education their institutions provide. Some of the top colleges of the world are found in this country, such as the University of College Cork, Dublin City University, University of Limerick, Maynooth University, etc.

Several research students come to study there as their institutes offer the best research opportunities. When a student gets an excellent education from a good college and a degree is valued worldwide, it opens the gate for great career opportunities. 

More than 5,000 Programs

A lot of times, pupils decide to move abroad for further studies as there is no good program related to what they want to pursue in their homeland. Therefore, they find a location that offers the best program related to their field.

This is also the reason why this island-based nation is becoming the desired destination for opportunists. Their institutions are offering more than 5,000 programs to let you choose from. These programs deal with a wide variety of fields such as medicine, engineering, business, science, literature, technology, history, philosophy, etc. 

No Language Barrier 

Aspirants who are planning to study outside their country face a lot of hardships at times due to the language barrier. Most countries have unique national languages that foreigners may not understand.

But this isn’t the same situation in Emerald Isle as English is the common language to communicate with one another. Moreover, the courses are also offered in the English language so it makes it convenient for foreigners to settle there to study/work. 

Great Opportunities for Career Aspirants

This state is not just becoming a hub for international pupils but also for multinational companies that are constantly investing and launching industries there. Due to this, its employability rate has risen to over 80 percent which ultimately means that the Irish economy is tremendously growing in the Eurozone.

It has secured the sixth position in competitiveness all over the world, hence offering career opportunities to both national and international aspirants. 

Cost Effective and Affordable Study Destination

Countries like Japan and England are worthy of study, but their living expenses are super expensive. This is not the same case with Emerald Isle as it is quite affordable compared to other European nations.

Moreover, you can become an essay writer as a side hustle besides pursuing a degree, as this would land some extra cash on your hand. 

Second-highest in the World for Quality of Life

Quality of life matters, right? Whether for study or work, it is necessary to make sure that the location you are planning to settle down offers a great quality of life. According to a study conducted by the United Nations, this island nation is the second-highest in the entire world for its quality of life.

The way of living of Irish people is relaxing and joyful and they are welcoming and friendly towards foreigners. They are well renowned for their hospitable and loving nature who love to get together and enjoy various sorts of activities and adventures.

So, if you are an outgoing person who enjoys singing, music, dancing, home parties, etc then this is the most suitable destination for you. 

12th Most Peaceful Nation in the World

Parents are usually concerned about letting their children go far away for studying due to safety reasons. Some countries offer the best quality education, but they don’t have a safe and secure environment for international beings, especially for girls.

 However, you do not need to worry about this when it comes to Irish cities as this county is ranked as the 12th most peaceful nation worldwide. Not just that, you can also unlock social security and other sorts of benefits such as free travel passes, public health services, child immunization, driver’s license, housing grants, etc.

Perfect Travel Destination for Wanderlust Spirits

If you are a passionate wanderlust who loves to explore new places and experience new adventures, then don’t miss a chance to study in Eire.

Besides studying, you can travel in your free time or you can take Ireland assignment help from websites that offer such services. Professionals would be solving your assignments while you can indulge yourself in adventurous activities. 

Not Every International Pupil Requires a Student Visa

Some nationalities, such as South Africans don’t require a visa to enter Eire, whereas non-Europeans need a student visa to study there. Moreover, they also need to obtain permission from the immigration officers at the port of entry.

And those who are going to study for more than three months are required to obtain an Irish Residence Permit (IRP). Also, the ones who are on a visa have to demonstrate that they have access to 7,000 euros before the visa may be issued. 

Wrapping Up

These were the nine benefits you can get by studying in Ireland. Now that you are well aware of these points, it must be easier to decide whether to settle there.

We are sure that your decision would be positive as this country is lively, and welcoming with high-quality education, career opportunities, and amazing travel destinations. Share this blog with your dear ones who are also aiming to study abroad. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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