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4 Upgrades to Make to a Commercial Science Lab

The various components that make up your commercial science lab can have a big impact on the overall efficiency and productivity of your workers. Having a well-designed lab with upgraded components can help to ensure that your team stays motivated and innovative. If you’re thinking that your commercial science lab could do with some upgrades, here are four of them to consider.

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1- Countertops

At the very basis of any great science lab is a strong and durable countertop. Depending on the chemical substances that your team utilizes, you’ll want to choose a countertop material that will withstand any chemical and water corrosion. Additionally, antifungal and heat resistance are notable qualities that you may need for the countertops at your commercial science lab.

2- Furniture

From chairs to cabinets, having the right furniture in the right layout can make all the difference in worker productivity. You want to focus on buying furniture that is made of solid material that will remain highly durable and resilient. Choosing furniture that has features like an ergonomic design, plush seating, and back support can ensure that your new furniture gets used accordingly. Additionally, consider opting for adjustable furniture so that all employees can feel comfortable wherever they find themselves in your commercial lab. This also provides the opportunity to sit or stand depending on the staff member’s preference.

3- Fume Hoods

If your staff members regularly work with chemicals, then having at least one fume hood is a necessity. This useful device works to remove hazardous fumes, dust, gasses, and vapors from the area that would otherwise be harmful to your staff members. Fume hoods come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, depending on your lab’s specific needs. This is one commercial science lab upgrade that goes a long way in ensuring safe working conditions for your staff and better indoor air quality levels for the whole lab.

4- Overall Design

The design of your commercial science lab is going to determine so much about how effective your lab is. You want to keep the human-centric mindset when designing your new lab upgrade. Consider where you’re placing items with respect to which employees use them and in which order they get used. Make sure to leave wide spaces so that employees can easily pass by one another without the need to squeeze into tight spaces.

Consider other design aspects, such as lighting. Getting natural light into your commercial science lab is a great way to boost employee morale and overall productivity. Integrating some automation can also help to minimize tedious tasks that consume unnecessary time from your employees. Software upgrades are a great option for taking care of reporting and producing system-generated graphs for easy examination.

A commercial science lab can be a place of great innovation. Or, it can be a place of burnout employees and mediocre results. By taking the time to do some necessary upgrades to your commercial science lab, you can help boost employee morale, efficiency, and overall productivity. That’s a win-win for both your staff members and your business.

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