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5 Tips to Help Apartment Complexes Remain Code Compliant

Code compliance is easily overlooked by apartment complex owners on a day-to-day basis, but code violations can become huge and costly issues. Your apartment complex was up to code immediately after construction, but it may not meet code requirements today. This often happens when local building codes change over time. It can also happen if your contractors and other third parties complete work on the property without adhering to codes. When your property is not up to code, safety, expensive repairs, and other serious issues come into play. What can you do to keep your apartment complex compliant with codes?

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1- Hire an Established Management Company

As a property owner, keeping tabs on building codes in your area can be a time-consuming hassle. In addition to learning about the code changes, you need to assess your property’s compliance. Rather than attempting to do this on your own while also managing tenants and collecting rent, you can use the services of an established management company. Your management company may conduct periodic audits and notify you about the need to make updates. As your broker of record, the management company can manage all insurance policy claims on your behalf.

2- Order an Annual Property Inspection

While a good property management company will assess code compliance for you, there is another option available. Each year, you can order a property inspection from a licensed professional. The inspector will need access to the entire property, which can be a hassle. However, the inspection report will give you a line-item accounting of code violations.

3- Use a Licensed Broker When Buying Property

If you are still looking for an apartment complex to invest in, consider hiring a licensed real estate agent rather than walking through the purchase process on your own. While a real estate agent is not usually a licensed property inspector, the agent may have some insight into the property from work with previous clients. The real estate agent can also draw on years of professional experience to point out some areas of concern.

4- Hire Licensed Contractors

Your property will undoubtedly be serviced by numerous vendors and contractors over the years. You can find cheap labor from unlicensed and uninsured professionals, but you should always hire a licensed and insured contractor for minor and major repair and renovation projects. A licensed professional will ensure that the work complies with codes.

5- Obtain Renovation Permits

If your renovation plans are substantial, you may need to obtain a work permit from your city or county. Your licensed professional will ensure that the permit is in place before work begins. Be aware that an unlicensed contractor may not take this important step. After the work is completed, the government agency will send an inspector to review the work for compliance.

Real estate codes can seem like an annoyance, but they serve important purposes for the safety of everyone onsite as well as for your exposure to liability. Now is a great time to order a property inspection or contact your property management company for assistance.

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