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4 DIY Kitchen Renovation Tips for Your Apartment in Dubai

Kitchen Renovation is often thought to be a daunting task but it need not always be. One can try various options to explore, such as the traditional paint and bucket method, laminating your wood, kitchen cabinet vinyl wraps as our favorite- DIY ideas. Going DIY is known to be the most environmentally friendly method and is also the prettiest. So, let us dive in and look at the plethora of ways we can be green and pretty with the kitchen space.

1. Handwoven and hand knit goodies:

If you are a lover of macrame, crochet and all things hand knit, this one’s for you. That macrame piece you have been working on since forever would look oh so perfect in the kitchen. Have crocheted coasters and place mats? Place them as drawer linings or shelve linings to give your kitchen a cozy vibe. Make it colorful, vibrant and you are set to have the perfect kitchen. Adding a mirror to your crocheted place mat can just turn it into a beautiful bohemian accessory.

2. Get crafty with wood:

Invest in some wooden ledges from the hardware store and turn them into rustic ledges with vines and plants to give it a lively feel. Pick up your wood cutter and your hammer, let’s create some beautiful ledges. Accessorize these with some ceramic serveware and vines – you have a fresh rustic kitchen to yourself. Combine these with a plain white or olive base kitchen cabinet to balance the tones.

3. Upcycle your goods:

Re-use your old kitchen accessories to give it a spark again, meanwhile caring for the environment. That old tabletop Italian marble in the garage? Pick it up and place it on your breakfast counter. Re-paint your kitchen cabinets with the basic white oak, only to bring it to life with those colourblocked floor mats that you have in the attic. Take down the window curtains, give them a nice warm wash and add some trims to it like your grandma’s lace.

4. Vinyl Wrapping your Kitchen:

Vinyl wrap for Kitchen surfaces and cabinets are affordable and easy. Vinyl wrapping sheets are pasted on top of your existing surfaces with your chosen design and texture. Vinyl wrapping sheets come in all sorts of designs, textures and even protective layers such as heat resistant, oil resistant, water resistant, etc. they are easy to install and don’t harm your surfaces at all.

Kitchen Wrap Dubai experts are what Touchstone wrap are referred to as. Kitchen Renovation in Dubai becomes super easy and simple with vinyl wrapping as they are not only affordable but also friendly to the environment, considering they are long lasting and avoid re-renovation in short spans of time. No need to search for “Kitchen wrap in Dubai” anymore, you have Touchstone Wrap to your save.


To conclude, Going DIY is probably the safest and the greenest way one can do a kitchen renovation. Caring for the environment should be one’s priority in today’s time and doing DIY projects to spice up your kitchen is a beautiful way to show you care for both. In case you aren’t crafty, vinyl wraps will alway be there to your rescue.

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