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3 Essential Oils You’ll Want at the End of a Long Day

It’s the start of another work week and somehow, you’re already busy with a capital “B.” With each new day come more and more important assignments, tight deadlines, and a whole lot of stress. While you’re able to handle it all like a pro, having such a hectic work life can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. You get home and have just barely enough energy to make yourself dinner, take your dog for a walk around the block, watch an episode of trashy reality TV before passing out. While you’re able to get a bit of rest at night, you find yourself waking up from stress dreams about all the things to do that are still on your plate. You start to think that maybe you’ll finally have time to relax when your next vacation rolls around, however many months away that is. 

It’s clear that your busy lifestyle is leading you toward a place of physical and mental burnout, and you need to find helpful solutions to help reduce your stress overall. One of the best ways to cope with stress is by introducing essential oils into your daily routine. Essential oils are oils derived from various plants and herbs that produce soothing scents that can help to produce a sense of calm in the body. Essential oils can be easily diffused into the air with the help of a humidifier with an essential oil tray. Humidifiers with essential oils infuse the water vapor that they release with essential oils to produce a wonderfully relaxing scented mist. If you’re interested in incorporating a humidifier with essential oils into your routine, read on to find out how to operate one, as well as the best essential oil scents to add into your relaxation routine. 

What Are Humidifiers With Essential Oils? 

Humidifiers with essential oils combine the effective moisture producing qualities of a humidifier with the soothing abilities of an essential oil diffuser. Humidifiers with essential oils not only release water vapor to increase the relative humidity of a room, but also infuse that water vapor with the scent of any given essential oil that is added to the humidifier. Typically humidifiers with essential oils have a specific tray that you can add your chosen essential oil to. Only a few drops of an essential oil are needed to produce a strong, calming scent. Humidifiers with essential oils can help to support both your physical and mental health, as the water vapor produced by the humidifier helps to optimize the moisture levels in the air of your home, while the essential oils help to calm your mind after a long day of hard work.  

What Are the Best Essential Oils to Diffuse in Your Humidifier? 

There are a number of different essential oils that you can choose from to diffuse in your humidifier, depending on your scent preference and mood. Some of the most popular essential oils for humidifiers include: 

1.   Lavender

Lavender is an incredibly soothing essential oil that’s wonderful to utilize when you’re under a great deal of stress. Lavender produces a light, floral scent that is known for its anti-anxiety properties. When you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, take a moment to meditate while diffusing a few drops of lavender in your humidifier. 

2.  Chamomile

If you’re struggling with getting to bed thanks to the stresses of your daily life, you might want to try diffusing a few drops of chamomile essential oil in your humidifier shortly before you go to sleep. Chamomile is an herb known for its calming properties, and is also used in many types of sleep teas. As such, chamomile is the perfect essential oil to use when you need to get a good night’s rest. 

3. Clary Sage

Clary sage is an essential oil that’s known for its ability to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. As such, diffusing clary sage essential oils can help to lessen the feelings of anxiety or depression caused by mental and physical stress. If you find that your stress is taking over too much of your life, put some clary sage essential oil in your humidifier and take some deep breaths to welcome in a more relaxed mindset. 

In Conclusion

When dealing with the stresses that come with a hectic daily life, it’s a great idea to incorporate essential oils into your routine to help you better relax. In order to wind down after a long day, simply place a few drops of lavender, chamomile, or clary sage into your humidifier with essential oils and take a moment to release the anxious thoughts and tension that you might be struggling with. What essential oil scents are your favorite to enjoy while relaxing after a busy day of work? 

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