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2022 Lexus IS 350 AWD Review – How Do You Choose

Wapcar Automotive News – There may come a time when this fine publication needs a name change lest we fall behind. Newspapers staunchly report that automakers continue to pursue self-driving technologies designed to keep people safe by entrusting the speed and direction of personal mobile devices to Our multipliers for sensors and error-prone algorithms are devised by the fewest mathematicians.

The past two decades have further revealed that too many motorists prefer to see through – and potentially crush – all perceived obstacles and threats, rather than moving around them. As a result, the rise of the Lower East Side’s much larger SRO vehicles by mid-century continued unabated.

Cars are an endangered breed. But I doubt that anyone wants to read The Truth About Big Box Automated Cars. Most of us still prefer to deploy the skills necessary to control a four-wheeled vehicle quickly and efficiently. Therefore, I ask you, my comrades, to stand up and fight against those who hinder our desire to take the wheel. Hold the steering wheel firmly. Choose a car – not a car disguised as a truck. Choose fun in your garage. Choose a true sports sedan, such as this Lexus IS 350 2022. Be the change you want to see on the road. And we are looking forward to the excellent performance of Lexus IS 2023.

It can take quite a bit of research – and I’ll leave that to you, dear reader, because we can certainly use clicks – but I’m sure I lamented the presence of all-wheel drive in a vehicle might have been more interesting to set up rear-wheel drive somewhere on these sites in the past. Maybe it’s due to age, or maybe it’s because I appreciate the hot steering wheel more and more as the nights get longer and the chilly winds blow over Lake Erie – but on this IS, I’m perfectly fine with all-wheel drive . My driving weather is usually sunny and dry, but this four-wheel drive sedan is easy to drive. The steering system is hardly frozen like many four-wheel drive vehicles; instead, feedback is direct and communicative without being harsh.

However, I would probably choose the RWD model if that was my signature on Foursquare – simply because of the price. Pick any legacy-based profanity you like for me, but I’m too cheap. There can be rear-wheel drive IS 350 F-Sport, which fits the options but opts for the $1,160 F-Sport handling package, for around $46,000. In addition, the rear-wheel drive model has an extra pair of gears in the transmission – the four-wheel drive model has six gears, while the RWD IS has eight gears.

Regardless of the number of drive wheels, choose the 350 model – indicating a V6 engine with 311 horsepower. If you’re reading this review, it tells me you’re a soul – you love to drive. The 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine works here at around 7,000 rpm. He is in fact asking to be liquidated.

When I opened the door to my test room, I was both excited and shocked. The red seats and trim that dominate most of the interior are lovely – I’ve had enough in black or dull beige. The seats themselves are quite comfortable – at least in the front, where I could happily spend the day without complaining. The trunk is a bit tight, especially when sitting behind someone taller than 1m88 like me – knee room is very precious to my children. But they succeeded. The confusion comes from the order entries. I know Lexus introduced this latest-generation IS in the 2021 model year, but I found it immediately familiar with another car I reviewed years ago. Indeed, comparing the dashboard here to the Lexus RC-F I tested in November 2016, there are more similarities than differences. There’s even a CD player! In 2022! The old trackpad for controlling the 10.3-inch touchscreen is as clunky as ever. But it works, and with practice becomes familiar enough to move into the background. 

Instead of focusing on the flaws I found with the 2022 Lexus IS 350 – of which there are remarkably few – consider for the moment that there are very few sedans left in any form and presence. Which sports sedan attracts the driver is commendable. Yes, the rear seats are tight and some of the controls are outdated. But this car will jump if you ask it to and will probably stay like that for the rest of the time or so.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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