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15 Great Ideas to Decorate your House with Mirror Styles

Did you know mirrors are among the best decoration choices for the interiors? Well, they are an ideal choice for making your space appear brighter and bigger. Mirrors are also a decoration item for your house, despite the style, design and function you choose. Some mirrors are used to check your look while others help to control light or make the room appear bigger. Whether you want a floor mirror or mount it on the wall, they may help to elevate the decor of a room in different ways. There are endless ideas for mirror styles and you can use these glasses for decoration purpose.  Read to know how you can take your mirror magic skills to the next level with these great ideas for decorating with mirrors.

1. Mirror styles in walls

Looking for a mirror as surface option? You can add it to the moodboard with tiles, paint swatches and wallpaper. These choices can leave a great impact on the bare walls and the polished look of mirrors speaks a lot about your house. Now, when you are planning to add mirrored wall, make sure the clutter of one space doubles with its reflection. Similarly, choosing a customised design method can magnify the top features of the zone. The living room and dining space should have clean lines and magnificent details for giving luxurious feel. Metallic hits can be picked up in the reflection without overwhelming your space.

2. Mirror splashback

A sleek mirror splashback for kitchen is generally selected to suit modern designs like chic one in a renovated house. This is a good choice with streamlined appeal and polished looks. There are several factors to take into consideration before the installation process. A single mirror surface can restrict the growth of mould and you should do clean up-keep of this splashback. If your cooktop gets positioned closer to glass splashback, the professional should install toughened glass with minimum thickness of 6mm for safety standards. This glass can withstand heat and moisture and so it lasts in a hard-working zone.

3. Leaning mirror styles

These mirrors provide more flexibility in the display as you can modify it with art in the case you do not like its look. You will have to secure leaning mirror to the walls with the help of two anchor points and wire. This will ensure it is safe and secure during a bump. Leaning mirrors are very striking in the transitional space like open plan area and hallways. The positioning of these mirrors will connect together different zones of your house easily.

4. Mirrored barn door

They are a great choice for small spaces and add industrial appeal in your house. There should be complete flexibility as to where it gets positioning without any need for swing space. This door provides mirrored side, whether it is open or close while the hinged mirrored door gets hidden when it is fully opened.

5. Shapely mirror styles

Playing with mirror silhouette is an easy way to set some space from the rest. Though you can always depend upon on a rectangular or square frame for good looks, mirrors with unique shape or curved form is a great piece to select. A rounded edge gives better look to the bathrooms which are usually furnished with strong-lined or angular pieces. The striking silhouette of mirror in this Italianate Victorian home will complement with curved shapes of the fixtures and also contrast with cubic form of the basin. It is suggested to keep an eye on mirrors with ornate shapes and find out the difference for your bathroom.

6. Wall-mounted mirror

A customised mirror to fit particular space is a great way to add wow factor to your house. Other than choosing small-scale mirror, the living space requires larger design format that has been made to fit between the ceiling and the mantelpiece. The mirror is a focal point for the dimensions of the room due to its dark frame that extends to your ceiling. Many businesses cut mirrors to meet the specifications though you may have to tag in a framer after giving finishing touch to the mirror. You may include strong frame for definition or keep it frameless for airy feel.

7. Mirrored garden wall

Mirrored wall works in spatial trickery which expands outdoor areas on the smaller side. Make sure you remain strategic with positioning so that all vibrancy may be echoed all through the house. The addition of mirror styles to outdoor space is a great choice for your restricted budget as you won’t have to break the bank inhabiting the area with plants. When you decide to add a mirror on your uncovered space, make sure you install moisture-resistant glass as humidity and rain will cause damage to standard mirrors. Instead of installing mirror flush with wall, try to place it at slight angle to get hold of glimpses of your sky.

8. Mirror-fronted joinery

There is some place for old and good mirrored bathroom cabinet. The bathroom joinery ensures all are stashed away though the morning dressing routine may be there in the bathroom with long-mirrored panel. Also, bathrooms should have task lighting so that you will be able to see crystal-clear reflection. The dimensions of this option are a great choice for the addition to illusion of height. This will then be combined with the ability of mirror for exaggerating dimensions which are great for small spaces.

9. Mirror tile splashback

Subway tiles are chosen for the kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and use of mirrored tiles takes this look to its next level. Choosing tiles marks the end from a single mirror as splashback and adds eye-catching detail. The space includes mirrored tiles that have bevelled-edge options and smoky dapple. The slight dark tinge will ensure splashes are not extremely visible, when compared to pristine mirror where every errant drop is obvious.

10. Mirror joinery detail 

The sleek and flawless joinery of your cooking space in this neutral way gets practical lift from a mirror. The mirror forms a focal point for drawing eye away from the sink and then preparing the zones. This application is a good choice for the ones who want the look of mirror splashbacks with minimal maintenance. Adding mirrored kickboard to the base of kitchen cabinetry is another way to create an impact in the overlooked area.

11. Antiqued mirror styles tile

These tiles have faded beauty and soften brittle look of standard mirror. They have weathered patina which provides muted finish and so, they are a good choice for the bathroom. Likewise, choosing tiled option than mirrored glass surface will help to get the reflection. This is a nice prospect in the space which demands more privacy. Bathrooms may sometimes go wrong with bright task lighting and stark white palettes. If there is any chance to play with tones and texture, this should be relished. Antiqued tiles create slight backdrop that draws attention to gold frame of the mirror and add depth to your space.

12. Mirrored bathroom wall

Bathrooms are among the hardest-working areas of your home. You may keep your streamlined in order to get maximum efficiency with lustrous look of mirror styles in the walls. There should be stainless steel fittings with white basin that allows patterned tiles to fully clad the bathtub for heroic feature of this space. The floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall in the bathroom improves natural light in the space. This can prevent dark tiles and flooring from getting dark and moody effect. The combination of reflective glass with steamy bathroom may be problematic and so, you can install ventilation fan.

13. Mirror collections

If you want to add some personality to the mirror, think of grouping them jointly. Like the frames create attention grabbing wall display in the living space and sleeping area, eclectic collection of mirrors will give bathroom wall curated look. You should not forget to match shapes and sizes of mirrors from various designs that bring a sense of history into the display. Find vintage versions and mirrors housed in unique frames with frosted detailing or chain. Search for mirrors that have bevelled edges and capture traditional style with moisture-resistant properties.

14. Mirrored cupboards

Though splashbacks are often common usage mirrors in the kitchen, choosing reflective glass will provide dynamic look to the cabinetry. The placement of mirrored cabinet doors will showcase different outlook to splashback treatment and you need not worry about busy benchtop getting doubled. These cabinets offer glimpses of the second floor having strong lines of cantilevered staircase are the feature of your kitchen. If you are a perfectionist, then the fingerprint marks will cover those glass doors that can turn you off.

15. Antiqued mirror splashback

Though choosing classic gleaming mirror is a good choice, the antique-look treatment will make cleaning easy and convenient. The polished surface of a mirror splashback is the best choice for food preparation and cooking which is somewhat messy. You will have to clean it and your benchtop too. Selecting a mirror that has pattern detail and faux patina enables to mask the spray of pots and pans. So, you will be able to do away with less intensive clean-up. The dappled look means quick post-cooking wipe down than full-scale clean every time you are using the cooking space. Choosing this type of finish adds subtle texture to the area zone which is made of hardwearing surfaces and strong block colours.

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