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13 Best Rental Pokemon In Pokemon Stadium, Ranked

You can rent a lot of different Pokemon at Pokemon Stadium. Here, we look at the best ones.

In the different fight modes in Pokemon Stadium, like the Gym Leader Castle, you will have a pool of “rental” Pokemon to use. You can rent up to six of the original 151 Pokémon, except for Mew and Mewtwo. Stadium has different Cups with different themes where you can test out Pokemon that haven’t evolved or are stuck at a lower level.

But the Gym Leader Castle is the best place to test yourself because you can choose from all of the Pokemon you can rent. It’s not as easy as it might seem to choose the best team, because some Pokemon have moves that might not be very useful. To beat this series of Gyms, you will need the right mix of strong Pokemon and movesets.

Slowbro — A Bulky Flex Pick

In the first generation of Pokemon, Slowbro stands out as one of the bigger options. This is because of how the Special stat worked, which gave Slowbro good offensive and defensive ability.Even though Slowbro’s Speed is only 58, it can take big hits and hit back at foes like Rhydon and Golem with Surf, which could knock them out in one hit.

Slowbro also has the moves Disable and Dig, which it can use to deal with Electric-type Pokémon that could beat it quickly. Headbutt is the last piece of tech, but it won’t be used unless you’re on your last turn and need to fight twice without getting hit in order to win.

Starmie — Balanced Water Warrior

Starmie is also a Water-type Pokémon, but it isn’t as big as Slowbro. However, Starmie beats Slowbro in every other way, especially in terms of how well it attacks. Bubblebeam isn’t a very good move, but Starmie’s higher Special stat of 128 helps make up for it. However, it can sometimes slow down the target’s Speed.

Once Starmie has more Speed than the other Pokemon, the fight is almost over because your hard-hitting attacks will overwhelm the other Pokemon.

The rest of Starmie’s moves aren’t used very often, except for Thunder, which is sometimes used to break ties with other Water-types like Slowbro, which would otherwise slow down Starmie’s ability to sweep.

Zapdos — Fantastic Flying And Electric Mixed-Attacker

Zapdos has always been one of the best Pokemon for competition, and its 153 Special in Pokemon Stadium makes it a great choice for Gym battles in the Castle. Thunder is a move that Zapdos can use to do a lot of damage if it hits.

Zapdos is a high-risk, high-reward choice, because if it misses a Thunder or Sky Attack, it can be hit by powerful counterattacks. But Zapdos has Substitute, which lets it trade a small amount of health for safety from an attack. This makes up for its weakness.

Lapras — Water, Ice, And More

Lapras stands out as one of the best Ice-type Pokemon. Which aren’t as strong as other kinds. Lapras is good at both Ice and Water, and it also has Sing and Confuse Ray, which are great ways to make openings and take advantage of opponents who are already weak.

Lapras’s Confuse Ray does a great job of setting up the situation so that Ice Beam will always finish off most enemies that are weak to it. Bubblebeam might have to hit a Pokemon twice or three times to knock it out, but the chance of lowering Speed should help Lapras gain a much-needed advantage while snowballing before your opponents can respond.

Lapras is a great choice for either of its main types, but keep in mind that fast sweepers can sometimes catch Lapras off guard.

Exeggutor — A Sustainable Powerhouse

Exeggutor has one of the best sets of high stats and moves that work well together among the rental Pokemon. It can set up a maze that drains the health of its opponents without taking much damage to itself.

Using Leech Seed with Hypnosis will make your opponent unable to move while it drains their health. Use Mega Drain to end the fight and fill up your health bar.

Exeggutor’s 153 Special is very good, and Mega Drain should give it the power it needs to beat Rock, Water, and Ground types. Even though its fourth move, Egg Bomb, doesn’t get a boost from Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), it can still be very powerful if your opponent is resistant to grass attacks.

Alakazam — Speedy Psychic Sweeper

Exeggutor is also a Special Attacker, but Alakazam beats it with its 163 Special, which is much higher than Exeggutor’s 148 Speed. Alakazam’s best moves are Confusion and Reflect. Reflect will cut in half any Physical damage Alakazam takes, which is a lifesaver for this physically weak Pokemon.

Confusion’s base power leaves something to be desired, but the fact that it can sometimes confuse opponents can make it important to win. Alakazam’s high Special stat makes up for Confusion’s low damage, but it does show that Kadabra may have an advantage over its evolved form because it can use Psybeam and Recover together.

Cloyster — Reigning Over Ice And Water

Cloyster is one of the best rented Pokemon in Eggy Car game because it has the best mix of good defensive bulk and crushing, high-damage offence. Its 208 Defence and decent 113 Special make it hard for opponents who don’t have a move that takes advantage of one of Cloyster’s weaknesses to beat it.

Aurora Beam always does ice damage, and Selfdestruct can be used in a pinch if Cloyster can’t stay alive for the rest of the fight. But Clamp can also be useful if you have the patience to give your opponent small amounts of damage over several turns while they are immobilised, as long as you keep using Clamp.

Most people don’t like this method, but you could use Cloyster to do it if you think it’s important.

Nidoking – The OG Earthquake Spammer

Since the beginning of speedrunning, Nidoking has been destroying Kanto, and it is still the main Pokemon used for main series speedruns. You might be tempted to use Horn Drill, which can kill a Pokemon in one hit, but Earthquake is really too strong for most Pokemon to handle.

Fire, Electric, and Poison-type Pokemon will crumble under your attacks. While many others that take neutral damage will just take a beating. If you face Grass- or Ice-type Pokemon, you can use Poison Sting or Double Kick to cover yourself. But use Earthquake unless it can’t hit your opponents.

Snorlax — A Sleep-Deprived Sweeper

Even though Snorlax’s numbers are all around 100 and its Attack is 139. It is still one of the best sweeper Pokemon. Because it has a high HP and can use the move Headbutt. Snorlax can also surprise Water-type and Flying-type foes with Thunder. Which is a very useful move against common strong foes like Articuno and Lapras.

Snorlax also has a move called “Rest,” which is its signature move. This lets it take advantage of its high HP and force opponents to stay on the attack or lose all of their progress while Snorlax sleeps off any damage it may have taken. Snorlax is not only one of the biggest Pokemon, but it also has a powerful punch.

Jolteon — Fast As Lightning

In the magical world of Generation One, where Speed is related to the number of critical hits, being fast is the most important thing. Luckily, Jolteon has a Speed of 158, which adds to its already amazing stats, which include a Special of 138.

Even though it’s risky, a Critical hit with Thunder will almost always knock out your opponent. However, moves like Double Kick and Pin Missile, which hit more than once, also cover you.

If your opponent blocks your other attacks, Jolteon can catch them by surprise with Toxic. This puts your opponent’s master on a timer to knock you out or lose the match quickly. Jolteon is a great choice for the later Gym Leaders. Because it often has the type edge and only has one weakness, to Ground.

Moltres – Fire-Type’s Only Hope

If you’ve played Pokemon Stadium, you’ll remember that there aren’t many strong Fire-type Pokemon with strong Fire-type moves. Flareon doesn’t do much, and Fire Spin is Charizard’s best move when you rent it. Yikes!

Moltres quickly jumps into the conversation about the best Pokemon to rent in Stadium, since there aren’t many other choices. Fire Blast is one of the best moves in the game. But it can only be used a few times and isn’t always accurate. You’ll need some luck and smart choices to use it well, and Moltres is the only Pokémon that can use it to beat Fire-weak foes faster than any other.

Jynx – Icy Percussions On Another Level

Few things in the Pokemon world hurt more than getting slapped in the face by a Jynx. Because Jynx’s Special and Speed stats are so high. It will move first and often knock out its opponent on the first turn with a powerful Ice Punch.

Its other choice is Psychic, which is a very powerful move on its own. With two great strikes that cover a wide range of type. It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t use Jynx against at least some teams.

You should stay away from Fire-types and physical attacks. But if you play your cards right, Jynx can often win a match on her own.

Gengar — A Powerful Special Sweeper

Gengar is one of the scariest and most powerful parts of your trip through Kanto. Most Gym Leaders don’t stand a chance against it, and it can be a key part of the final battles. Gengar is a very scary Ghost-type Pokemon, but its best move is Thunderbolt. Which lets it take advantage of its huge Special stat of 158.

Gengar’s moves are a good mix of Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, and Dream Eater. The last two can be used together to great effect as Gengar safely eats its enemies’ thoughts and HP. Gengar’s Hypnosis is risky, but it almost always leads to a win. Because few opponents have the HP, Speed, and attacking power to stop this very powerful ghost.

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