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10 Things To Do After Beating Medieval Dynasty

Not sure what to do when you beat Medieval Dynasty? Here are some things you can do once the main story is finished.

Medieval Dynasty is a survival making game that takes place in a nice valley with a few small towns. Your goal is to finish the main questline and build a town where you, your wife, and your child can live. If you have a child, you can live in the village you built with ease.

You might not know what to do after you beat Medieval Dynasty game. We’re lucky to have answers! Here, we’ll talk about what you can do after you’ve finished the game. The main story has to be finished to beat the game, but like other survival making games, there is more to do after that.

Complete All Quests

Even after you’ve finished the main story, or “Chapter Quests,” there will still be quests to do around the valley. Once you’ve done all the chapter quests, you can finish the stories of characters like Uniegost and Dobroniega.

Both of these characters have long lines of quests that will take you to different parts of the valley. There are also smaller tasks that come up at random every season. Most of the time, these quests are shorter and require you to get a gift. Getting them done is a good way to make money and dynasty reputation.

Expand Your Village

You can make your own town, which is one of the best parts of Medieval Dynasty. You can choose where you want to play and where you want to put buildings. Now that you’ve won Medieval Dynasty game, it’s a great time to grow your town.

There is a limit on how many buildings you can put up, but it’s pretty big, so you can put up dozens of buildings without thinking about it. If you want to make things even harder, you can try to move your town.

Maximize All Your Skills On The Technology Tree

In the game, you will deal with different kinds of skills. If you raise your level in one of these areas, you’ll be able to place new perks and buildings. Even so, you don’t have to do this to get every device in the main story.

Because of this, after you finish the story is the best time to use all of your skills to their fullest. If you don’t have to worry about the main story, you can spend all your time working or hunting. If you want to improve your skills quickly, do these jobs for your village yourself instead of giving them to other people.

Create A Farm Animal Empire

Farm animals are expensive, especially if it’s your first time getting a cow. During the main story, you might not have enough money to buy and take care of animals, but after you beat the game, you can try to buy every animal.

You can build your own farm animal kingdom if you have at least two of each type of animal. Even though each animal costs money and you need a barn to keep them in, farm animals can be very successful. Just make sure there’s enough room!

Beautify Your Village

Living in the Middle Ages can be pretty boring, since everything is brown and tan and made of simple wood. This doesn’t mean that you have to make do when decorating your town.

After you beat the game, try to make your town look nice as well as grow it. By levelling up your building skill, you can get new decorative things like wreaths, outdoor furniture, and lanterns. Try to make a town that looks real by hanging lanterns over the main streets. Try to make each house’s front different from the others for an extra task. Overall, make it look like the village is full of real people, not just NPCs.

Get Every Achievement

In every video game, people like to look for achievements. Getting all of them can be a badge of honour, especially if some of them are harder to get. In Medieval Dynasty, you will get some achievements just by playing through the main story. For example, to get the Camp achievement, you need to have a small number of buildings in your town.

Some achievements are harder to get, like Caveman, which needs you to have a mine in every cave. If you want to get all of the game’s achievements, be sure to check out our award guide.

Create A Storage System With Every Item

The best flex is having at least one of everything. With a full storage system, you can make or build anything you need without having to go out and grind. If you put people to work, they will automatically get resources from any storage spot in the village. This means you don’t have to be as organised.

Having a full storage system can also help you get ready for the next thing on this list, which is moving your town.

Relocate Your Village

Did you put your town down without giving it too much thought? After you finish the main story, you’ll have plenty of time to fix this. Move your town instead of getting bigger and settling down.

This is likely to take a long time, but it can make your village feel new again. Remember that you have to move a house to the new spot before you can destroy it. Any local NPCs you have will also need a house ready for them to move into.

Play With Mods

There is a lot to do in Medieval Dynasty‘s base game, but after a while, you might want to try playing with changes. Nexus Mods is a way to get mods for the game. Here, you can find a range of mods that change how Basket Random game looks and make it better in other ways.

If the number of buildings you can make isn’t enough for you, you can also download a mod that lets you build up to 500. With this much room to build, you can make a busy metropolis in the valley.

Start Over

Lastly, you can start over after you beat the game. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you start over, you can do things a little differently from the beginning. In a new game, you can find a new wife, move to a new place, and change your goal.

You can also make your own “rules” when you start over. For example, you could make a rule in a new game that you can only sell goods if you make money from it. On the other hand, you can only make money by making things. These rules give you a task, which makes starting over feel less like the same thing over and over.

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