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12 tips for Stress-free Removal Companies London

Moving is one of those events that, whether you like it or not, sooner or later happens to everyone; it is faced for different Removal Companies London reasons and in different stages of life but there is always the same factor: moving is stressful. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of tips to make it a successful move!

  1. Create a roadmap
    The first step to take when deciding to move is to create a calendar. Design every single step and report all phases by establishing an order and timing. Every single step must be included: the choice of mover – we can help you with this – the search for boxes, the selection of things to bring and those to throw away, packing and transport.
  2. Find a reliable mover
    Look for the best offer and the service that best suits your needs but don’t forget the trust factor, you’re about to entrust all your things to a stranger. Ask acquaintances who have already hired movers, read feedback and reviews about their previous work. If it makes you feel safer, check that they have a license and insurance coverage, which are essential in case of damage. You can also ask for a written agreement.
  3. Contact the mover to agree on the price and book
    Ask which services are included in the indicated price, if the cost of fuel and any tolls are also included. Find out about the cost of extras (e.g. packing materials, boxes for fragile items).
    Movers can get a lot of requests, especially towards the end of the month, which is the preferred period for moving. We recommend planning and booking in advance.
  4. Organize your packing
    Packing, as we have seen in our article about it , is the most delicate phase of a move. You can decide whether to do it yourself or leave this task to the mover. In any case, the important thing is to get organised. Choose what you want to bring into the new house and the order in which to empty the rooms.
  5. Look for boxes and save money with reuse
    Before buying new cardboard boxes contributing to increasing waste, try to get them for free, you can ask for the ones left in the warehouses of shops and supermarkets. We all agree that excessive consumption of paper is bad for the environment, protect it by saving your wallet! Alternatively, you can leave the task of packing to the mover who will bring the necessary material.
  6. Don’t put off preparing for moving day
    Moving is stressful, we agree, but you know what makes it even worse? Last minute preparations. Running time pressure will prevent you from following a precise pattern! The best way to limit stress is to start weeks before the due date. Ok, you’ll live in chaos a bit but you’ll gain in mental health.
  7. Take advantage of the move to eliminate the superfluous
    You have an opportunity to get rid of anything you no longer use, want, or need. If you don’t mind throwing away the things you discard, you can always donate them. There are several advantages: you don’t pay to move useless things, you don’t waste precious space in boxes and you reduce chaos. It’s time to reflect and also get rid of objects related to unpleasant situations or memories, don’t give in to nostalgia and archive them before the new beginning. New home, new life!
  8. Create a plan of the new house indicating the arrangement of the furniture
    The movers do all the heavy lifting. Literally. But rearranging the furniture to perfection isn’t their job, so it’s important to deliver the floor plan, so that they are left in the right place immediately, without having to move everything again.
  9. Pack the supplies for the first day in the new house and don’t confuse them with the other boxes
    At home, delimit an area intended for things that will travel with you and not on the mover’s vehicle: luggage for the first night, jackets, food, even for pets, disposable plates and bowls, and anything else you may need as soon as you arrive in the new house.
  10. Find a pet/babysitter for moving hours
    A house with strangers coming and going and the door always open is not a safe place for small children and pets. It would be advisable to hire a person or call a relative who can monitor them during the move. If, on the other hand, you have children who are old enough, that’s no problem, on the contrary, they can even collaborate.
  11. Label the box containing the kit necessary for the first interventions
    Prepare the box containing sheets, pillows, household cleaning products, utensils and toolbox. This will be the last one to load into the car and the first to take out!
  12. Enjoy the last moments in the now former home
    Most of it is done! Semi-empty rooms, just boxes everywhere. Take advantage of the unusual situation to rediscover the taste for simple things and remember all the moments House Removals London lived within those walls. Soft light, cushions on the floor, order a pizza and sit down with a good glass of wine. If you are a couple, some music and a candle can make the situation romantic. Instead, with children everything can be transformed into a fun game.

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