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10 ways to increase followers on TikTok

Looking to increase your followers on TikTok, but don’t know where to start?

I know how it is, I’ve been through it…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Inspired by this Brazilian post “seguidores para TikTok” I’ve separated 10 amazing tips for you to gain a lot of followers on TikTok fast.

Just scroll down the page…

TikTok is the social network What else is giving to talk about in recent times. 

If your brand is targeting a centennial audience, you are definitely interested in starting to explore it to see what it has to offer. 

So that you can develop your presence on TikTok, here are 10 tips to get more followers.

10 tricks to get more followers on TikTok

  1. Design an attractive profile. First impressions are very important on social media. So if you want to attract followers and likes (curtidas para TikTok), you need a short, catchy username and a captivating profile picture and description.
  2. choose your niche. A common mistake for brands that post on social media is wanting everyone to like them. Think about what you want to convey with your presence on TikTok and what your brand is an expert in, and always try to convey passion for what you do.
  3. Post content regularly. Social media algorithms favor users who consistently post content. Therefore, before jumping into the pool, design a content plan with frequent publications.
  4. Find the best times to post. To get maximum visibility for your posts and attract more followers on TikTok, it is recommended to post twice a day, at peak times: 11am and 5:30pm.
  5. Participate in viral challenges. Challenges are part of the essence of TikTok and are a great way to increase the visibility of your profile. To take advantage of them, make sure to include the corresponding hashtag in your publication.
  6. Harness the power of music. In its origins, TikTok was basically a music video network. Although it has been diversifying over time, music is still a very important part of what connects its users. So if dancing and singing isn’t your thing, look for other ways to incorporate the songs of the moment into your content.
  7. Collaborate with other users. The grace of social networks is precisely in socializing. Although it is a relatively new network, TikTok already has its own influencers, so looking for creative collaborations can go a long way in getting you noticed and gaining followers.
  8. Connect your presence on TikTok to the rest of your networks. Each social network has its own audience, so to get the most out of your content, I recommend posting your TikTok videos on other networks like Facebook to get discovered by more users.
  9. Don’t be perfect, be authentic. On TikTok, the most viral videos are those that users can identify with. If you want to really connect with them, show the most human side of your brand and don’t get obsessed with the little details.
  10. stand out from the crowd. Many TikTokers are dedicated to copying each other. And although it is good to be up to date with trends, in the end what adds value is what is different. Dare to be original and you will see how your efforts are rewarded with followers on TikTok.

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