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How can you block Advertisements on Yahoo Homepage

We all know that advertisements can be very irritating whenever you are using any website and the same can be said for the Yahoo homepage. It is very irritating when we see advertisements on the homepage of Yahoo even though we know that advertisements are the main source of income for this website since they offer free services to its customers. But, it is very difficult to differentiate the ads on the website apart from the actual headlines and that is why sometimes people open some other website that they do not want to because of the ads. This is why many people often look for methods that will help them to remove ads from Yahoo mail

If you are also looking for methods that will help you in removing these ads then, you need to read the complete guide carefully to understand each and every step. 

Is it possible to remove ads from the Yahoo Mail homepage?

The first thing that strikes anyone’s mind before they look for methods is whether it is possible to do the same or not. So, let me tell you that it is possible to stop ads on yahoo mail and we are going to tell you all the steps that you need to follow to do the same. 

Get rid of advertisements on the Yahoo homepage on Windows

If you are using a computer with a windows operating system then, there is an application that you can install on the device that will help you in removing the ads from the homepage of Yahoo. 

The name of the application that you can use is Adguard for Windows. This application will help you in protecting your computer from advertisements and even remove all the unwanted and suspicious websites that can harm your computer. Apart from the automatic feature of the application, you can also use the application to manually block all the unwanted elements that you see on the homepage of Yahoo mail. 

This application will help with Yahoo mail block ads, but it will also allow you to enable parental control in the mail application so that you can protect your kids from anything harmful and help you to filter all the inappropriate content that will harm your kid. 

Get rid of ads on your Yahoo mail page if you are using MAC

While the above application will help you in blocking ads on a windows PC, the application that we are going to tell you here will help you to know how to stop ads on Yahoo on your MAC. You need to install AdGuard for Mac on your Mac which will help you in removing all the advertisements that are interfering with your work on the application. The application will help you in blocking all the pop-ups that you face on the application along. 

We hope that the methods that we have given here are clear to you and you can use them to stop all the interruptions in your Yahoo mail app. 

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Uneeb Khan
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