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10 Reasons Students Choose IM Academy

IM Academy, an online financial education platform, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in July. While it was founded with a focus on the foreign exchange market, the company has since grown into an international organization that educates students on a variety of markets. It has also recently branched out beyond finance with programs in social media marketing, e-commerce, and personal and professional development. IM Academy even launched a travel and lifestyle service last year.

In honor of IM Academy’s 10th anniversary, here are 10 reasons why students choose to pursue their education there.

1. Foreign Exchange Market Education

The FRX Academy, which focuses on the forex market, remains IM Academy’s flagship Academy. The forex market is a global decentralized market where individuals, institutions, and governments exchange currencies, for example, U.S. dollars for euros. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, with an average daily trading volume of over $7.5 trillion.

At IM Academy, students learn about strategies used by market participants in the forex market, with topics covered including market players and influencing factors, fast-paced versus long-term approaches, and pattern-based chart analysis.

As with all of IM Academy’s financial education programs, FRX includes a mix of learning materials (videos, readings) and live mentorship opportunities for students to engage with educators. Students can use the Academy’s GoLive online video program to discuss what they’ve studied and analyze market engagement strategies together with educators.

2. Digital Currencies Education

Since the introduction of bitcoin to broader public awareness, the digital currency market has exploded with activity. At IM Academy, students can enroll in the DCX Academy to learn about how to engage with this dynamic sector. They study topics such as how digital currencies were invented and gained traction with various coin adoptions, spot exchange and arbitrage exchange strategies, and applying basic risk management to cryptocurrencies.

DCX also covers how psychological factors affect digital currency market trends, and it provides a thorough background on some of the fundamental concepts such as blockchains, crypto wallets, bitcoin, and altcoins. Educators explain use cases for the blockchain and outline pattern-based and mathematical approaches to analyzing digital currency market charts.

3. Intraday Exchange Strategies

The TBX Academy covers a time-based intraday strategy known as scalping, which involves making several exchanges over the course of a single day. Studying scalping is for IM Academy students who favor a more fast-based approach, as it could involve making several exchanges within minutes or hours.

TBX students study topics such as candlestick patterns, momentum and volatility indicators, and technical analysis strategies.

4. Stocks and Futures Education

IM Academy introduced the SFX Academy to focus on the stocks and futures market in 2022. It was designed in partnership with Carolyn Boroden, a market analyst known as the “Fibonacci Queen,” for her expertise in using mathematical ratios to study market charts.

Like other Academy programs, SFX emphasizes a pattern-based approach, with an in-depth discussion of Fibonacci retracement. Fibonacci retracement is a strategy that uses a ratio known as the golden ratio, which is found in nature and art, to analyze pivot points in market activity.

Other topics covered in SFX include how to use charting software, support and resistance, and continuation and reversal patterns.

5. E-Commerce Strategies

The e-commerce market continues to grow and has become a pivotal sector of the global economy. IM Academy students enrolled in the ECX Academy study e-commerce. ECX provides them with information on how to launch and market an online store. Topics covered include how to research trending products, how to use Shopify, and the difference between general and niche online stores.

6. Travel and Lifestyle

Launched in 2022, TLX is IM Academy’s travel and lifestyle service. It offers members the opportunity to book hotels and resorts at discounted rates, as well as the opportunity to earn annual rewards through maintaining an ongoing membership. TLX members can also take themed trips with other participants. These trips often include an educational component connected to topics covered at the online academies.

7. Building an Influential Social Media Brand

Social media has become an inescapable part of modern life, not only at a personal level, but also at the level of brand management. At SMX Academy, IM Academy’s social media Academy, students study how to build a social media brand and attract attention to their profiles on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

8. Mindset and Mentorship

The Mindset Mastery (MMX) Academy is devoted to personal and professional development through the cultivation of a positive and productive mindset. MMX is grounded in a schedule of live mentorship meetings through GoLive. It was designed to help spread the message of Chris Terry, IM Academy’s co-founder and CEO. Terry often speaks about the importance of a positive self-concept, embracing opportunities to learn from others, and building a supportive community.

9. Community and Events

Community is also at the heart of IM Academy’s in-person events. These gatherings enable students, educators, and independent business owners an opportunity to share strategies and educational support. They feature keynotes from Academy leadership and often include addresses from Chris Terry and Isis Terry, the company’s CFO.

Past events have been held in locations as varied as Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Orlando, Florida; Barcelona, Spain; Phoenix; Palm Beach, Florida; and Zurich. An upcoming event is scheduled to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, from Sept. 7-10, 2023.

10. International Accessibility

These events speak to the international scale of the Academy. In addition to holding events across the globe, IM Academy’s Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese courses are available for students who aren’t English speakers.


For those interested in all of the above programs and services, IM Academy recently launched its ALL-IN option. This option gives students access to all the academies discussed above, in addition to a broad offering of apps and tools such as the IMpulse market scanner.

As it approaches the anniversary of its first decade of operations, IM Academy isn’t slowing down thanks to a growing membership base and an expanding global reach. The 10 reasons outlined above are the foundation of that growth, and the Academy will look to continue to build on them in the future.

Note: IM Mastery Academy is not an advisory or broker service. IM Mastery Academy provides online educational services only.

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