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China Adhesive Manufacturers

China Adhesive Manufacturers have gained immense prominence due to their low production costs and stringent quality control measures, along with investments made into research and development to ensure their products comply with international standards.

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide manufactures olefin and EVA hot melts, pressure sensitive adhesives and water-based glues designed for packaging, paper converting and graphic arts markets. In addition, they specialize in contract or toll blending as well as custom formulation.

Research and Development

China’s adhesive manufacturers have made substantial investments in research and development to stay ahead of their competition, focusing on new products and technologies to meet industry requirements – resulting in high-quality yet cost-effective solutions that meet industry demands. They have implemented stringent quality control measures and obtained international certifications.

Chinese demand for hot melt adhesives has experienced rapid expansion over the past several years. Demand comes primarily from construction, manufacturing and packaging industries – while many businesses are increasingly switching to flexible packaging to reduce costs while simultaneously improving their environmental footprint.

China’s cold seal adhesives market is expanding thanks to the rise of flexible food packaging. Manufacturers are working with experts who assist both large and small consumer packaged goods companies transition from heat seal to cold seal equipment, leading to increased demand for cold seal adhesives as well as innovative processing methods which prolong shelf life of foods and beverages.


China’s adhesive manufacturers can offer products at highly competitive prices, making them an increasingly powerful presence on the global market. This success can be attributed to China’s robust manufacturing base and low labor costs; additionally, its efficient logistics infrastructure facilitates efficient transport of adhesives around the world.

Raw material costs play an essential part in pricing adhesives and sealants. Gross margins typically range between 15-25%; speciality products often boast even higher margins.

Adhesives have the power to significantly cut manufacturing costs for companies. In shipbuilding, adhesives can be used to adhere the inner decks directly to the primary structure without needing costly welding – eliminating welding costs altogether and providing safer structures as they reduce stress concentration and fatigue cracks. Furthermore, adhesives reduce assembly and cycle times, thus leading to cost savings – making this technology highly attractive among manufacturers seeking ways to streamline their processes.

International Presence

Global adhesive and sealant demand is projected to grow as more industries, such as 5G, AI, new energy, automobiles, aerospace and flexible packaging evolve. Adhesive manufacturers in China have expanded their production facilities and distribution networks abroad while investing heavily in R&D to develop better products – some companies even allocate up to 10% of revenue towards research and development!

Chinese adhesives market is also growing in importance as China becomes an emerging producer of sports equipment and electronic products. Adhesives help products lighter and stronger while increasing performance.

Jowat SE of Detmold established its Adhesive Center in Asia to better serve customers on this vast continent and to optimize its production network and supply chains in this market. Asia already accounts for 10% of Jowat’s business overall.


Chinese adhesive manufacturers have implemented stringent quality control measures and been certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, they produce products which are both eco-friendly and consumer safe – at an affordable price point – making them the go-to solution for high-quality glues.

This export-oriented scaled enterprise specializes in R&D and manufacturing adhesive products. With an advantageous location near Qingdao port in east China, 5 factories with 10+ production lines produce silicone, acrylic, polyurethane and cyanoacrylate adhesives.

CHINA ADHESIVE is the inaugural exhibition to receive UFI certification and gathers adhesives, sealants, PSA tape, and film products from around the world. It showcases innovative applications of high-performance bonding materials as well as new results, ideas, and trends within the adhesive industry. Co-located with ICIF China and Rubber Tech China this provides an ideal forum for exchange and trade within this sector of business.

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