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10 Dangerous and Deadly Farm Accidents Every Farm Worker Must Know About

Farm work takes a lot of dedication, strength, and vigor. Farmers keep the nation fed and healthy, so they deserve to be treated safely and respectfully on the job site. Unfortunately, negligent farm workers and managers often put each other in harm’s way. Here are ten dangerous and deadly farm accidents every farm worker must know about to ensure their safety:

1. Trips and Falls

Depending on the type of farm work you’re doing, you might be working up in rafters, or around complex, trip-hazard-laden equipment. While your on-the-job training will teach you how to avoid trips and falls, they can still happen (and do frequently). Because there are many sharp objects, and other potentially dangerous hazards around farms, trips, and falls can become extremely dangerous, and even deadly, very quickly.

2. Heat Stress and Injuries

Farming requires long, laborious hours spent outdoors. When you fail to regulate your body temperature, or if you do not stay hydrated, it can lead to serious injuries and health complications. Fainting, stroke, heat stroke, burns, and more can be caused by excess sun and heat exposure, after all. Quality farming operations have protocols in place to protect workers, so any worker injured due to a heat stress injury caused by negligent work conditions needs to contact legal counsel ASAP.

If you’re working with livestock, you always have to stay extra aware of their behavior, and how they are perceiving you. Even normally docile animals like pigs and cows can become dangerous in the right conditions. When working with more aggressive animals, such as bulls and male goats, being cautious becomes that much more essential. Keeping farm animals under a consistent routine, and being kind to them, is of utmost importance.

4. Toxic Chemical Exposure

There are a lot of chemicals used on farms that can be extremely hazardous to your health if you’re incorrectly or overexposed to them. Especially when it comes to agricultural chemicals, known hazards are high. Prolonged exposure can even lead to life-altering conditions such as cancer and deformities. Thankfully, many farms have stopped using chemicals that are known to be toxic over time, but if your operation fails to keep you safe from toxic chemical use, you need to reach out to a regulator immediately.

5. Heavy Machinery Injuries

Whether it’s a tractor or another piece of farm-specific heavy machinery, being careful and respectful of this machinery’s dangerous, destructive potential is critical for every farm worker. Even a momentary lapse in judgment, or a single piece of negligent behavior, can put you and your co-workers in harm’s way. This is why it’s crucial that farms only hire workers who are certified and well-trained to handle this type of heavy machinery.

6. Suffocation Accidents

While not as widely known as other farm accidents, suffocation accidents are actually fairly common. Many of the most commonly fatal farm accidents are related to some form of suffocation or asphyxiation. This can happen due to chemical exposure, improper ventilation, or prolonged exposure to certain crops that can limit your breathing capabilities. Staying educated and vigilant about suffocation risks will help keep farm workers safe.

Heavy machinery, animal-related injuries, and crop collapse can all lead to serious fractures, crushed limbs, and even amputations. Being conscious of your work environment on the farm at all times can ensure that you do not suffer this type of extreme, traumatic injury. Even heat stress can lead to potential limb-related injuries under the right conditions.

There are a ton of chemicals, pieces of equipment, and crops that can cause burn injuries if you’re not careful around them. Especially when farm workers are using potentially-flammable chemicals around crops (dried crops in particular), the danger of serious, and even deadly burn injuries can skyrocket.

9. Vehicle-Involved Accidents

Aside from heavy machinery, and including heavy machinery, there are a huge variety of vehicles that are used on professional farms every single day. When people come to work intoxicated, or they are behaving negligently, they can put people at risk of being injured by these massive, powerful machines.

10. Exhaustion Injuries

Lastly, overworking yourself, or being overworked by a negligent farm manager can lead to exhaustion. While being tired after a long day’s work is normal, being exhausted is not (and can lead to dangerous, and even life-threatening conditions). For this reason, taking regular breaks and staying properly hydrated is essential for every farm worker.

Farmers Unite

By uniting as a team, and staying aware of potential hazards around the farm, farm workers can keep themselves and all of their co-workers safe. If approached properly, farm work can be both a safe and highly satisfying way of making a living.

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