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How to Wear A Bike Helmet? A 2022 Guide

Wearing a helmet when cycling is a must, yet some people neglect that, which increases the risk of potential danger. According to this study, wearing a bike helmet reduces head injuries by an average of 60%.

The following static is even more intriguing; according to a study, 62% of bicyclists who died in road accidents in the United States were not wearing helmets.

But It’s one thing to know that you should wear the best dirt bike helmet. it’s another to know how to wear one. Some people don’t wear helmets properly, or they don’t understand how a bike helmet should fit, so even if they are wearing they reduce some of the protection that a helmet might offer.

How To Wear A Bike Helmet?

A helmet is easy to use, but you must consider several important factors before purchasing or wearing one.

1.   Choosing The Right Size

Imagine buying adult clothes for your toddler; the clothes will be useless, right? The same goes for a helmet. It is essential to buy the right helmet that fits you.

 The best way to measure is to take a flexible tape measure and hold the tape horizontally around your head, measuring your skull above your brow at the broadest part of your head to get the measurement.

This method will give you your head’s circumference, and you can quickly determine what size of the helmet you need. After you pick up your helmet size, it’s time to try it on and see how it fits.

Hold the helmet by chin straps and then roll your head into the helmet from front to back, then try to roll the helmet forward off your head; if the helmet moves forward, it’s not the right fit.

The chin strap should be tight enough that only two fingers should fit between your chin and the chin strap.

2. How To Wear A Bike Helmet Correctly

Before putting on the helmet, the first thing to do is to wind out, loosen off the ratchet strap entirely and place the helmet at the top of your head in the center position.

Adjusting the fitting Of the Helmet

To fit and secure the helmet correctly:

  1. Tighten the ratchet strap.
  2. Push them together around the circumference of your head.
  3. Make sure it’s nice and tight.

Once you are okay with it and feel comfortable, it’s time to adjust the straps of chins around the sides of your head.

With a chin strap, you need to create a V just below your earlobe; for that Clip, the chin straps together, ensuring that they fit snugly to the chin and the helmet will not move.

3. How Not To wear Them

Below are a few common mistakes that people make while wearing helmets

1.   Titled Back Helmet

It is one of the common mistakes people make, especially children. It is placing the helmet too far back on the head: it should be level with the top of the head, not slanted back, with a lot of the forehead exposed.

2.   Size Of Helmet

Don’t buy helmets that you like in colors or shapes but don’t fit on your head; the small helmet will be way too uncomfortable, and a large-sized helmet can be rolled on and doesn’t provide any safety, so make sure to buy a helmet that fits on your head.

3.   Don’t Wear Anything Underneath

A warm cap underneath a helmet is never a good idea, regardless of the weather, as the helmet won’t fit properly and won’t offer any protection.

4.   Adjust Your Straps

If your helmet straps are excessively loose, the helmet is less likely to stay in the best position to protect you when you need it most. So make sure to tighten up the straps.

5.   Wearing Helmet Back To forth

Lastly, confirm that the helmet is correctly oriented from front to back. The back is frequently a little lower than the front to protect the head. It is simple to know how to wear a helmet because most feature an adjustable dial on the rear.

6.   Wearing Helmet With Long Hair

If you have long hair, tighten your hair with a high ponytail or low ponytail so that a helmet will fit right onto your head and ensure safety. Some helmets have a back mechanism that can accommodate a plait or ponytail.


Helmets ensure safety by reducing the potential danger of head injuries and death. Yet, it is necessary to choose the right kind of helmet that fits your head, make sure that it’s not too big or not too small, and remember the two-finger rules: You should separate your eyebrow and the helmet by two finger widths.

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