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Your Complete Time Tracking Tool Guide

What is time tracking software? 

In the most simple terms, a time tracking tool is a sort of app that permits the employees to record the daily time they spend on a certain task as well as different projects.

Who utilises them? Such a tool is most typically utilised by managers as well as employees to observe working hours for processes such as billing, payroll, as well as internal operations. They normally capture all the time spent by every employee on a specific task plus even help automate the salary process along with customer invoicing.

They can even provide relevant insights within the daily or monthly operations, including the tasks that consume the most amount of time to complete plus cost a ton of money. Overall the tool is also an efficient way to plan the projects as well as task budgets accordingly Time Tracking Software.

How does the tracking tool function?

With the tracking tool, staff members need to clock in or punch in the time when they are working for the day. Then, they will also have to clock out or punch out when the day is over. Usually, a staff member tracking tool delivers manual options such as a start/stop button. But, the admin can even automate the process and start tracking the time as soon as the staff members logs in to the system. 

Management can easily delegate tasks as well as keep track of all the log-in/log-out actions of the staff members to know how the projects advance plus how long every activity consumes. Especially during the cases of remote working employees, it enables greater efficiency in projects as well as enhances the time management ability best employee monitoring software

What kind of features a time tracking tool includes?

Below are a few of the features you need to see in the time tracking tool you buy. 

Time tracking

A trustworthy time tracking software is the most important feature to see in an employee tracking tool. In brief, the time tracking software presents a comprehensive report of the total time spent during working hours. Moreover, a great time-tracking tool solution can even categorise the data into numerous vital classes. Management can then be able to see different employees’ data as well as compare it with other team members.

Track attendance

Keeping track of all the employee’s attendance as well as reporting hours using traditional means can be difficult. But with the attendance monitoring feature, the management can make work shifts for the staff as well as obtain real-time information on whether the employee is following them or not.


A timesheet is a kind of description of the entire data of the complete billable time of every employee. Moreover, many timesheets even manage the staff’s attendance, leaves, breaks, as well as holidays. Automated staff timesheets eliminate the requirement to manually store the work hours for each day. Also, you can easily have the task looked after via the managers for reviews. Furthermore, since a good time tracking tool will automatically make the timesheet, there’s will be a requirement for manual mistakes.

Billing as well as staff payroll

Conventional payroll methods contain physically approving all the timesheets, estimating the total expenditures per staff member, or making the payments. But using a time tracking tool, most manual labour is automatic for the convenience of the management.

Also, the native payroll, as well as billing functionality, can help appropriately pay the staff as well as charge the clients. Employees can also physically modify the time, fill the respective timesheets, as well as handle overtime wages. Furthermore, managers can even see all of the data on your staff’s dashboards for a much faster as well as more effective invoicing.

Good Integration

Integrations are becoming more and more popular with the new time tracking as well as project management uses. Third-party app integration is helpful for firms utilising more than 1 tool for internal work processes. 


Nowadays, many time tracking tools can take screenshots in specific intervals. These screenshots are then sent to the management for review. Also, the screenshots can be helpful to validate tasks as well as track the progress of the daily activity.

Analytics as well as report

Current time tracking tools as well as employee management software come with rich analytics along with reporting features. Management can obtain a comprehensive analysis of all the staff’s project progress as well as the amount of time they took to complete multiple projects. 

Employees, as well as the management, can even obtain daily reports of tasks done on a certain project. Such reports contain relevant statistics about the total progress along with specific insights.

Benefits of Time Tracking Tool 

  1. Increased overall employee productivity
  2. Obtain much more transparency inside different work processes
  3. Enhance the accountability of tasks among all the employees
  4. Understanding all the billing as well as operational efficiency
  5. Knowing where the demand for the resource is the most
  6. Tracking where the daily budget is being spent.

Visit the website of WorkTrackZilla or get in touch with their team to know all about the Employee Time Tracking Software benefits.

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