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Your Complete Guide to Home Automation for a Modern, Sustainable Home

Technology is an essential part of modern living. With technological developments improving almost all aspects of our lives with a wave of ‘smart’ devices, smart home solutions are decidedly the future. Smart homes already exist in many countries and studies show that by 2025, the number of smart homes will reach almost a whopping 450 million!

But what is a smart home and what is all the hype about it? In this article, we will not only discuss what a smart home is but also its benefits and how you can make your home smart.  So, let us dive right in and understand the different facets of smart homes and smart home solutions.

What Are Smart Homes?

Homes installed with several kinds of home automation solutions which enable the alignment of different kinds of devices, appliances, or systems through a common network are called smart homes.

Smart home solutions like a home automation relay module allow you to remotely control all appliances at home using your voice or an app on your smartphone Let us understand how this is achieved with a simple example – Suppose you have forgotten to switch off the lights before leaving home. If your home’s lights, thermostats, security cameras, appliances, locks, etc are all connected to one system which you can control via your smartphone, you won’t have to worry at all! You can switch off the lights remotely using your phone and save your electricity costs.

In simple terms, smart home solutions give you the life of high-tech functionality and luxury that you deserve. But does so in a sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective way.

Why Do I Need a Smart Home?

Next, we come to, why should you invest in upgrading your home to a smart home. People often falsely believe that smart homes are only for the wealthy. Some also believe that it is too much of a hassle to install smart home systems. But both of these are untrue. The reality is that the practical benefits of smart homes make them extremely hassle-free, economical, and sustainable in the long run.

Wondering how?

Smart homes are fast gaining in popularity because they:

  • Are immensely convenient with the home automation relay systemenabling very easy home management via just an app on your smartphone
  • Promote home safety by allowing you to link automated door locks, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and other types of security systems to your smart home network which you can control remotely, no matter where in the world you are
  • Help you conserve energy in the long run by understanding your preferences and suggesting the best settings for energy saving
  • Give you total control over various home functions like heating, lighting, device management, and so on
  • Are immensely flexible in integrating new devices, appliances, and technologies into the existing system

Can Schneider Electric Help Me with Smart Home Solutions?

The answer is yes, of course! If the several benefits of smart homes have convinced you to opt for one, the Schneider Electric store can help you transform your home into a modern, smart, and sustainable one.

Let us walk you through some of Schneider Electric’s smart home solutions.

1.     Wiser-4 Channel Automation Relay Module

The Schneider home automation relay module is decidedly the best product of its kind in the market. It is the first automation relay module that gives you control over four switches. It is very small in size, so much so that it fits easily between existing light switches. Just one product is enough for you to control lights or appliances like your water heater or air conditioning unit. It can be controlled remotely via an app or with voice through an IoT aggregator.  Customers love the automation relay module for its efficiency and it is one of the most popular products offered by Schneider Electric.

Features at a Glance:

  • Four switch control
  • Small size
  • Can be controlled remotely through an app or by voice

2.     Wiser-Automation Gateway

Experience technological advancement at its best through the Wiser-Automation Gateway. This home automation system gives you the option to totally control using only voice. It supports Google Home and Alexa, which makes it super easy to use and completely hassle-free. You may use any android device to control this model of the smart home solution.

Onwards to a Luxurious and Comfortable Home!

As you can now understand, smart home solutions are imperative for the modern home. You deserve a comfortable, luxurious, efficient, yet sustainable home. However, shopping for electronics can be challenging because you may not be able to check the quality of the products. Hence, you must opt for trusted brands like Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric offers a one-stop solution to building your dream home. You can rely on the brand for the quality, authenticity, and efficiency of products for your smart home. Browse for more information on home automation gateway, home automation relay module, and other smart home solutions on the Schneider Electric e-store. And for more information, do feel free to contact our customer support team today!

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