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Xline Dubai Zipline : A Complete Guide

Dubai is a unique and astounding city of the United Arab Emirates which provides a lot of excursions to experience for the tourists. Among the most popular and entertaining activities Dubai Zipline is the most popular. As it is the longest Zipline in the world. This longest wandering Zipline is called Xline Zipline Dubai Marina. 

Xline in Dubai Marina:

You can experience and enjoy a lot of Dubai Excursions and can make your holidays unbelievable. If you want to add a lot of fun and entertainment in your holidays you should make a list of the most famous and entertaining places of Dubai where you can experience eccentric and amazing activities. One or two weeks are not enough to visit all the most popular and stunning places of Dubai. Dubai Zipline is a very popular activity to experience because through this activity you can observe the amazing and enchanting view of Dubai from the top. This activity is very spectacular so it is not suitable for everyone, especially for those people who have acrophobia. 

If you want to book your tickets for Xline Dubai Marina, you should first get complete information about this activity. Everyone must know that it is the fastest and steepest Zipline in the whole world. If you enjoyed this activity during the first experience, you definitely like to experience this activity again and again. But if you are a person with an intense fear of heights or having any serious problems with heart or blood pressure you need to avoid this activity. 

Where is the Xline Exactly Situated?

In order to reach the Xline of Dubai safely without facing any difficulty, you need to know about the exact location of the Dubai Zipline. This longest and adventurous Zipline is located near the Marina Mall of Dubai. This Zipline started from Amwaj towers at a height of 170 meters. After reaching your destination you have to go to level P of Marina Tower from where you can get all types of information about Xline Dubai, where a well-educated and cooperative staff is always available. Approximately 50 visitors can experience the Zipline in one day so you can also book your ticket from that counter bookings are available on present day. Security is available there so you are always safe at this place. 

Xline Prices and Tickets Booking:

You will be surprised after hearing the ticket price for Dubai Zipline which is 399 dirhams for one person. Two people can use the Xline Zipline at the same time. So couples and friends can enjoy this ride together and can make their trip more amazing, entertaining and memorable. For couples the total ticket price is 699 dirhams so you can save some money by getting the two tickets at one time. 

You can easily book your tickets for Xline Zipline Dubai online through the official website. It is very beneficial to save your time. Because if you book your tickets online. you just need to show the voucher at the time of riding.

Opening Hours:

The Xline Dubai Marina is open from Wednesday to Monday, meaning it is closed on Tuesday. The Zipline opens at 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and after a short break it starts again from 2:00 pm to 5:00pm. You should prefer to book your tickets for evening time to fully enjoy this activity. Because in the evening the view is more majestic and bewitching. 

The Process:

First of all you have to book your tickets for Dubai Zipline and then you have to go to Level P of Marina Mall where the counter is located. The total time duration to experience and enjoy this adventurous activity is 90 minutes. Before starting your ride you have to show your passport and tickets at the counter. Staff also checks your BP level, your mental condition and your weight. 

After checking the weight you have to provide the essential equipment which are needed during the ride. You should buckle up yourself tightly and carefully before jumping. Complete safety instructions are also provided by the instructors and you can click photos from your own personal camera or mobile phone. You can capture your complete ride and can share your experience with your family or friends. 

Entry Criteria:

If you are living in a hotel at the Dubai Marina, you can easily reach your destination on foot but if you are living somewhere else, then you have to take a taxi to reach Dubai Zipline. 


All the above information is very helpful to enjoy your trip so you should book your tickets online to experience this amazing and astounding activity. You have to be very brave to experience this adventurous activity. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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