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World War II Blues 

Wars change everything – from the destruction to the mental health of everyone, it’s never the same. People who have served in the military have a hard time adjusting to life outside of the military. They are always on the verge of panicking and are emotionally numb. Once you have experienced the apocalypse in wars, you feel emotionally distant from your loved ones and life in general.

Out of everyone, veterans suffer the most. They are often diagnosed with PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. It is hard to live with PTSD; you often get discouraged and demotivated, but you can feel better. There are many things that people with PTSD can do to make their lives much better and easier.

People who have experienced the horrors of WW2 bombing are the real heroes who not only experienced the bombing but also lived with mental health disorders caused by wars. Post-traumatic disorder, also known as combat stress, occurs after you experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event.

It is a normal reaction of the body and mind to be in shock after such an event, but when your nervous system gets stuck, it becomes PTSD. The human nervous system has two ways of responding to stressful events:

Fight-or-flight occurs when you have to defend yourself in dangerous conditions. Your heart pounds faster, and your muscles tighten, increasing your strength. Once the situation is over, your body gets back to normal. On the other hand, immobilization results when you have experienced too much stress in a situation; even though the danger has passed, you feel stuck. Your nervous system finds it hard to get stable; this is where PTSD comes in.

The bombing in Dresden 1945 changed the lives of people forever. Often the symptoms of PTSD don’t surface for months or even years. It develops differently in each human being. Common symptoms that were found in the survivors of wars include:

  1. Recurrent reminders of the tragic events include distressing thoughts, flashbacks, and nightmares. You feel like that event is happening again, and you might experience emotional and physical reactions like panic attacks and heart palpitations.
  2. Avoiding things that remind you of that tragic event, like thoughts, people or situations you link with that bad memory. This also includes withdrawing from people and losing interest in daily life activities.
  3. You no longer believe in an optimistic approach to life. You begin to have negative feelings about everything, the world, and everyone around you.
  4. Lastly, you might always be on guard, feeling emotionally reactive, which indicates anger, reckless behavior, insomnia, losing focus, and many more.

Wars destroy not only places but human beings. Dresden, Germany, was known as ‘the Florence on the Elbe River’. It was named because of its breathtaking beautiful Baroque buildings and its rich cultural history. The beauty was turned into ashes on February 13, 1945, when British and American bombers attacked the unprotected city and created a Firestorm during three waves of bombing in just 24 hours.

Are you looking for an interesting historical book to read? Well, Elaine Blair has ‘Escape’ for you. A blue-eyed and blond-haired girl, Frieda Jacobsmeyer, her Nana, and her Mama witnessed the first wave of terror from the basement of the apartment building. Her Jewish friend Goldschmidt, his father, and his mother used the situation in their favor to escape Dresden and their upcoming deportation to a work camp.

The fire bombings of Dresden were horrible, leaving ashes of its beauty everywhere. Who will survive the horrific incident? Who will survive the Gestapo that looks for Jewish families that left Dresden during the bombings? Elaine Blair is an amazing writer who calls herself a book nerd. She is a retired teacher, and her hobbies include reading books and traveling. Her trip to Germany inspired her to write ‘Escape’.  

Elaine was so inspired by the beauty of Dresden and the tragedy that followed later that she penned down ‘Escape’ – her best historical fiction. She was shocked at how the city was ruined in just 24 hours by British and American aircraft. Reading about the bombing of Dresden facts can give you a clear understanding of the story and history of Dresden.

While the sparks fly in Dresden, what sparks are ignited between Frieda and Walther in their flight and fight for survival? Read one of the best World War 2 books based on a true story that will leave you amazed. Get your hands on this amazing book by ordering it from the website or Amazon.

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