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Why Should Injured Workers Hire Workers Compensation Lawyers?

When a worker becomes injured on the job, they have the right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Though these benefits are meant to protect workers, many are denied their benefits. When denials and other issues abound, injured workers need to consider their options for getting legal help.

What Is Workers Compensation?

Dealing with a workplace injury becomes highly stressful for workers. Workers’ compensation laws were put in place to protect workers and their employers. These benefits help injured workers as they heal by providing them with a percentage of their normal earnings and payment for all their associated medical bills. When a worker is denied their benefits, they should consider hiring workers compensation lawyers.

Workers compensation benefits also cover permanent disability. Workers who are injured on the job need to file an accident report with their employer. The employer then contacts their insurance company to file a claim. Although the government designed the process to streamline benefits to injured workers, denials and delays are commonplace.

Signs an Injured Worker Needs a Lawyer

Many injured workers seek a consultation appointment with a lawyer to learn about their rights. The following are some of the signs an injured worker needs to consider hiring a lawyer to help with a claim.

  • The employer or insurance company is claiming the accident did not happen on the job. Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to deny claims for many reasons.
  • If an employer or the insurance company is dragging their feet, the injured worker needs to consider their legal options. The claims process should take no more than thirty days.
  • When a worker suffers a full or partial disability and cannot return to work permanently, they need a legal advocate working for them. Insurance companies are more likely to contest this type of claim.
  • If the injured employee’s doctor is recommending a specific treatment and the insurance company refuses to pay, getting a lawyer involved becomes necessary. The insurance company must pay medical bills related to workplace injuries.
  • When the settlement does not cover the medical bills and lost wages, injured workers have the right to seek legal help. A lawyer will review the settlement amount and ensure it is fair. Lawyers will also negotiate with the insurance company.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

One of the first things an injured worker needs to do after reporting their injuries is schedule a consultation appointment. Many injury lawyers offer free consultation appointments to allow injured clients to discover their rights and options for legal recourse.

Do Not Fight Alone

Injured workers should never have to fight their employers and the insurance company alone. Getting legal help from the very beginning ensures a worker’s rights remain protected. A lawyer becomes an advocate for injured clients. The lawyer will fight for the rights of their client and will hold the employer and insurance company responsible. By getting help from a lawyer, injured workers will have greater peace of mind in the process. Now is the time to schedule a consultation appointment.

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