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Wooden Hangers: Why We Should Use Them 

Keeping your wardrobe organized requires patience and logistics, as many people care about keeping their clothes Hangers tidy and ready for use. When you have a lot of clothes, it can be challenging to organize them so that you can see everything you own in one place and choose what you want to wear for any occasion. 

Thankfully, people have invented wooden hangers that help put your clothes away in intact condition and make them ready to wear at any moment. After a century of using them, the traditional look of a wooden hanger hasn’t changed much, but its functionality remains the same today (with a few changes here and there). 

On the other hand, you’re maybe used to folding your clothes and arranging them by color, style, and type, so you don’t practice using wooden hangers often. Therefore, this article may help you understand why they can positively affect your wardrobe organization and functionality. 

  1. They Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free 

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re getting ready to go out, just to find out that the clothes you planned on wearing need some ironing? In that situation, you can start purchasing wooden hangers, which can save you the stress of ironing your clothes at the last minute. 

The most valuable trait wooden hangers offer is that once you put your coat or jacket on them, they preserve them and help your clothes stay ironed out, tidy, and ready to wear at any possible moment. 

The shape of a wood suit hanger makes your shoulder pads secure and, most importantly, wrinkle-free! And the best part about them is that you can move them and browse through your clothes effortlessly. 

  1. Wooden Hangers Are Quite Durable 

Unlike plastic hangers, wooden hangers don’t break easily and can serve their purpose for many years. They are a good option for keeping heavy clothes intact, as you don’t have to worry about finding your hanger broken and your suit on the floor. 

The durability of wooden hangers varies depending on the manufacturing wood, the weight of your clothes, and whether you take care of them. The lifespan of your wooden hangers will be longer if they consist of better-quality wood. 

So, feel free to search for the most durable wooden hangers for your clothes. Also, try to avoid using plastic ones because, in most cases, they will break if you store heavy clothes, and they aren’t so eco-friendly.  

  1. They Keep Your Closet Organized 

One of the biggest reasons people invented wooden hangers is because they make your wardrobe organized and tidy. Wardrobe organization is necessary, especially if your lifestyle doesn’t give you enough time to fold every piece of clothing itself and iron them when you have to go out. 

Owning wooden hangers can help you browse your clothing combinations effortlessly and avoid making a mess when deciding what to wear. Sliding the hangers left to right can help you see your clothes from both sides and acknowledge their state. 

Some wooden hangers have additional wooden bars intended for hanging your pants and other types of clothing on the same hanger where you keep your coat, for example. That way, you can store different clothes together and make combinations for future occasions. 

  1. They Protect Your Clothes From Bugs and Moths 

Many people experience unpleasant encounters with different types of bugs that may live in their wardrobes. That can happen as your wardrobe is dark and warm, which makes perfect living conditions for various insects.  

Another reason wooden hangers are a winning solution compared to plastic ones is that the wood can keep bugs and moths away from your clothes. Different types of wood can naturally repel insects and keep your clothes free of unwanted visitors. 

We recommend purchasing wooden hangers made of cedar, as they are most efficient when protecting your clothes from bugs and moths. However, other types of wood may also serve their purpose. 

  1. Wooden Hangers Save up a Lot of Space 

Almost everyone can have trouble with the lack of storage in their wardrobe, as that can have a lot to do with how you organize your wardrobe. So, wooden hangers can come in handy if you want to save storage space and create additional space for more clothes. 

Although it seems tidy, the folding technique can take up a lot of space, especially if you own a lot of bulky clothes. So always choose to put your clothes on wooden hangers rather than folding them and stacking them on each other. 

That way, you can have more of a clear view of your wardrobe and preserve your storage for the clothes you may purchase in the future. 


As irrelevant as they may seem, wooden hangers serve millions of households worldwide and keep clothes in good shape and ready to use. They can keep your clothes tidy, organized, and free of any type of insect. So, if you like your wardrobe organized and have only used the folding technique, we encourage you to purchase wooden hangers. Although they may be more expensive than plastic ones, they will surely live long enough to keep your clothes stored and ready to wear. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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