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Wine Racks for Small Spaces: Create a Mix of Functionality and Art

Are you a wine enthusiast searching for a classy storage option for your precious wines to age gracefully? Choosing a wine storage creates excitement but you need to stay focused on your needs. The situation becomes trickier if there is a lack of space in your house.

If you have been trying to build wine storage for a long, a wine cellar racking in Houston, Texas system should be a perfect fit for a small space. Wine racks are excellent solutions to store wine bottles within small spaces. All you need is to order a rack that will keep the bottles secured and beautifully displayed.

Here is the kind of racks to choose from when you are building a storage space in a limited area:

1. Vertical Wine Racks

A custom wine rack in Houston Texas where you can display the bottles vertically should be an excellent storage option. You just need to mount the unit to the wall or make it freestanding. What’s more, they are available in definite sizes and designs. So, count your bottles and decide whether you need one that can hold a few bottles or several bottles. Typically, vertical racks are more appropriate for storing wine bottles for the short term, especially if you are planning to use tilted designs. But if you mount the bottles horizontally, you can prevent the cork from turning dry and safeguard your collection from air exposure.

2. Modular Racks

As the name suggests, modular wine racks are the most flexible option for small spaces. With modular racks, you need to just hang up your boots and rest. You can stack the bottles in the racks horizontally or place them side by side. When it comes to the materials of modular racks, you will come across a wide range of materials and designs in metal and wood.

3. Tabletop Racks

Is your wine collection pretty small? Have you just started collecting wines and plan to go slow? Look for tabletop custom wood wine racks in Houston, Texas that do the talking. You can shop for customized and handmade products. Wooden wine racks can be stored on large and small tables depending on the size and you can stack the table in one corner to protect the bottles from vibration or other disturbances that may interfere with the quality of the products.

4. Hanging Wine Racks

Hanging racks are those you can mount on the wall but make sure you can store the bottles in them horizontally to prevent the cork from turning dry. One of the biggest benefits of hanging racks is that it helps in freeing up surface area. You need to choose the size of the racks appropriately to ensure that the bottles are not cluttered in a small space.

5. Corner Wine Racks

If your house is too small to accommodate a large wooden wall-mounting rack, try to get small corner racks. That way, you may invest in more stocks and store them in different corners of the room.

6. Under-Stair Wine Racks

The prevalence of under-stair wine racks for small spaces has forced several wine lovers to install storage options below the stairs. Apart from this, you can also get wine racks for kitchen cabinets and dining areas below the cabinets. The under-cabinet wine racks are appropriate for a few bottles.

under stair wine racks

Work With an Expert

Whether you are building wine racks for your home or office, you need to work with an expert.  Wine Cellars of Houston is one of the most reliable experts to create wine storage spaces for small and large spaces effortlessly. With a plethora of wine ranking systems to choose from for small spaces, you need to ask the experts to personalize the storage system. Making a wrong decision may lead to a waste of funds you are planning to invest in wine cellars. Modifying the rack may be an added expenditure.

Choosing The Material

When designing custom racks, you need not only look for options that suit small spaces but consider the material as well. Consider your personal preferences, the durability of the material, the number of bottles you need to stock, and the size or shape of the rack before making the right decision. So, the next time you pick commercial wooden wine racks, consider the capacity of the storage first before you decide.

Custom-made wine racks come with several advantages. From adding a personal touch to our home and office, you can go on adding custom features to the racks to stack the bottles perfectly. For small spaces, you need to keep in mind the size and shape of the racks and the material to ensure that it suits your needs.

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