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Wig Maintenance Tips You Must Know

You could be dressed in the best outfit, but if your hair doesn’t fit well, it could ruin the outfit. Especially if it is Halloween, the most crucial aspect is your costume. So, with a great costume, you need the perfect hair.

You can achieve a full-glam look with costume wigs.

Instead of taking the harsh option of cutting and dyeing your hair, invest in a wig. It will not only save you from spoiling your hair but will also transform your look instantly.

Now that you have a wig, you need to maintain and handle it carefully. This blog has the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your wig.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining and taking care of a wig differs from managing the hair on your head. Following are some maintenance tips for your wigs.


Do not brush a wig with your regular brush. Use wig-specific brushes designed to suit synthetic wigs as well. You can find these brushes on any e-commerce platform or beauty supplies store.

Just as your hair breaks when you brush it, the wig hair might break when you use a regular brush. It can also split hair strands or even make the wig hair frizzy.

Avoid using a regular brush. If you have absolutely no other option than a regular brush, ensure that the bristles have rubber tips. It helps prevent and reduce breakage.


You do not need to wash your wig after every use. If you use a lot of products to style the wig, wash it after about six uses. Although, it is advised against using styling products on wigs.

When washing the wig, use a special shampoo and conditioner that are meant for this purpose.

After washing it, let the wig hang dry on any object that is thin and tall, like a hairspray can. Remember, do not use a hair dryer. Only air-dry the wig and refrain from brushing it unless fully dry.


Costume wigs tend to frizz easily, especially if you use excessive products. Avoid using products meant for human hair, including hairsprays and gel, to prevent frizz. Using such products can deteriorate the wig hair’s quality.

Your best bet is to wet the wig hair gently using water and styling it with a wig-specific brush. Use your fingers to style the wig to get the best results and maintain its quality.

Avoid heat! Hair straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers are bad for synthetic wigs. Excess heat and synthetic hair fibers do not go well together. Frequent use of heat styling products on wigs can damage and flatten the wig hair.

Here are some exclusive hair styling tips on the type of wig:

Straight Hair Wig

Wigs with a straighter style can be brushed gently. Rough handling can cause damage. Instead of using heated tools to curl the hair, use Velcro curlers or a sponge.

Curly Hair Wig

Do not brush curly wigs. Doing otherwise can cause frizz. To style curly wigs and put the curls into place, spray a little water while scrunching the curls.

Wrapping Up

Costume wigs have to be handled with love and care. Follow the cardinal rule of using cold water to wash it and air drying it.

If you follow these tips, your wig, with its shiny locks, is bound to last longer!

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