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Why You Should Switch to Glass Diffusers for Essential Oils

(Looking to know which type of diffuser to use for getting the best of essential oils? We have combined everything you need to know about glass diffusers and plastic diffusers.)

Essential oils help you unwind and relax after long and stressful days with their sweet fragrance. There are many ways of using essential oils, one of which is through an essential oil diffuser. 

Essential oil diffusers are available in glass and plastic, but glass essential oil diffusers have a better effect overall. Glass essential oil diffusers allow you to enjoy quality time by creating a peaceful atmosphere around you. 

These diffusers help enhance the smells of your essential oils, thus resulting in better overall usage. They are good for long usage.

This comprehensive guide discusses why using a glass essential oil diffuser is better than plastic and how it can boost its wellness. 

How Essential Do Oil Diffusers Work?

Essential oil diffusers spray or pour sprinkles of essential oils into the air. These diffusers emit essential oils in the air in a way that is easier to absorb. 

You can easily inhale and exhale these essential oils from the air, and they work in many ways to enhance your senses and improve your general well-being.

When to Use Essential Oils?

If you want to relax after a long day, then essential oils are the way to go. Essential oils pour a pleasant scent into the air while soothing your nerves. 

Based on the diffuser you have, you can also use them to purify the air.

What Are the Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers?

There are majorly four types of essential oil diffusers:

  1. Ultrasonic: the one that works on ultrasonic vibrations
  2. Heat: the main operative force is heat
  3. Evaporative: wind is the main source of diffusion
  4. Nebuliser: artificial force and automation is used

Why Glass Essential Oil Diffusers?

There are mainly two substances diffusers are made of glass and plastic. The use of glass diffusers is encouraged to prevent corrosion. 

Essential oils are known to be the reason behind the corrosion in plastic. This might turn the purified air into more harmful air.

The plastic oil diffusers use a composition of essential oils in the water. Even when water is used in most of the proportion, it is still oily and will most necessarily cause corrosion. 

Over and above this, we have listed five reasons for choosing glass diffusers over plastic ones:

Prevents Dilution of Essential Oils

Essential oils, as they smell in plastic diffusers, smell different from the type they smell in a glass bottle. This is primarily because of the dilution of the components of essential oils.

This does not happen with glass diffusers.

Does Not Produce a Moldy Smell

Plastic diffusers require water to work, and this accumulated water will, in turn, start smelling in the long run. 

Glass diffuserson the other hand, do not use water or any diluting substances and hence prevent a moldy smell.

You Can Use Strong-Smelling Essential Oils

In a glass diffuser, you can smell the essential oils as it is. You do not need to add water, and it has a stronger base capacity. 

As a result, you can use and smell stronger essential oils.

It Is Energy Efficient

Glass diffusers use very little electricity, making them energy efficient. They also do not use plastic in the making, so it does not release any plastic elements into the air.

Showcases for A Good Look

Glass diffusers come in different forms and add to the aesthetic value of a place. You can use it as useful home decor or gift it to your loved ones.


There are choices available for you, but ideally, glass diffusers are more efficient for better and longer usage. They will prevent corrosion and will allow the use of stronger essential oils. While looking good, these glass diffusers will last you long and help purify your air continuously. 

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