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Why Select Ilavam Panju Mattress for Your Bed?

If you are buying a new bed, then it becomes equally important to select a good, well-fitting mattress. You do spend a good part of your life lying on its top. What every desire is good, uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours. But what many are not aware is the fact that material with which the bedding is constructed does have a great say on your sleeping quality.

Why consider cotton bedding?

Cotton mattress is considered to be the favourite choice among most of the shoppers. It was just about three decades ago when companies started to use foam as it is affordable. However, it is not natural and tends to break down very fast. On the other hand, cotton is durable, natural and also breathable. Hence, it will be better to know more about cotton and its importance as a material used in mattress.


Natural, unbleached cotton of long staple type is considered to be the most durable material used to construct an ilavam panju mattress. You can easily get both affordable and high-end mattresses to suit your preference and pocket. Cotton is generally tufted and compressed in your bed, thus making it long-lasting and durable. Hence, you can simply forget about purchasing another mattress for about 5-8 years. A superior quality cotton bedding mattress can last for over 15 years.


The mattress should be relaxing and cosy to get good sleep. What if it becomes hot and sweaty? You will feel uncomfortable and your sleep quality is likely to get affected significantly. This will only affect your health directly. Memory foam and foam retain body heat. They cause increase in baseline body temperature throughout the night. Thus, you will be constantly turning and tossing and even tend to wake up several times and feel groggy in the morning.

All natural

Cotton is grown naturally and surpasses easily gel foams. Being a breathable material, it is used to create clothes, mattresses and sheets. Natural fibres like flax, horsehair, cotton, wool, etc. are undoubtedly the best choice to keep you cool on hot nights. But synthetic memory foam is likely to get hot. Moreover, it does not absorb moisture quite efficiently like cotton. Hence, the demand for quality cotton bedding is increasing across the globe.

Safe sleep

Since cotton is a naturally grown material, you can sleep well and safely. It does not contain any off-gassing, chemicals or petroleum-based products that will otherwise make you fall sick. These are things that are generally found in polyurethane foams. Cotton and Latex are both good materials for bedding and this is what you should opt for your bedding, be it for yourself or your family.

Added value

The truth is cotton-based ilavam panju mattress benefits are way higher than memory foam mattresses. These mattresses can help extend life expectancy, retains your body’s natural temperature and helps with restful sleep. It also eliminates allergens and ensures you are safe and enjoy your sleep every night.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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