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Why Project-Based Managers Need Infor LN Software

The enterprise resource planning solution Infor LN offers options for streamlining manufacturing processes and setting up automation where needed. These applications are added to the company’s network and hosted on a cloud-based platform. Many manufacturers manage each step of creating their products based on customer needs, regulations, and availability of supplies. Here are several reasons why your project managers need this software for everyday use in your manufacturing facility.  

Improved Project Planning 

These applications simplify project planning processes and ensure that manufacturers have supplies for each order ahead of time. Project managers must identify project demands during the planning phases and set a budget based on the current prices. Using the software makes these steps easy by providing all the information in one place. The project plan appears in the software, and the manager can share these details with their team. Find out more about Infor LN through your preferred vendor. 

Improved Manufacturing Processes

Enterprise resource planning solutions identify all current processes, and project managers can review these processes and determine what changes improve manufacturing. Robotics and automation help reduce costs and mitigate risks within the facility. Implementing these processes helps the manufacturer increase the speed of production and get more products ready for retailers. Processes are automated to reduce the amount of manpower the company needs and cut labor costs.  

Tracking Features for the Project Life Cycle

The project life cycle is vital to manufacturing and gives owners updated information to share with clients. A project’s progress defines when products are ready for the customers and how quickly the company turns a profit on these creations. Project managers track the life cycle to monitor workers and productivity levels. If there are unwanted delays, the project manager pinpoints where problems lie.  

Project Repeatability of Regular Clients

Since data is stored in the cloud, manufacturers can access the project plans and repeat products easier. Customers who order specific products frequently don’t want to send in the plans every time they place an order. By storing these details using software applications, the business has the advantage of repeatability and can accommodate customers faster. 

Manufacturers produce more products based on the plans they have on-site. If the products are ordered daily, the business owner can add the plans to the workflow and specify the number of products they need per day. Supply and demand determine how many of each product they should have in the current inventory to assure customers the products are available.  

Managing Supply Chain

Ordering supplies is a common task for manufacturers, and the owner must maintain a steady flow of supplies for their workers. ERP software helps manufacturers set up orders for supplies and maintain this inventory. The software compares prices and helps the companies manage their expenses for each product.  

Manufacturers need software for improving daily processes and identifying which processes should be automated. Infor LN is an ERP solution that is ideal for improving manufacturing processes, and the companies can find out which processes are unnecessary. Project managers within these organizations use the software to improve planning practices, set up processes, and manage their workforce. These ERP systems offer repeatability and improve the way the supply chain is managed. Learn more about Infor LN by speaking to a vendor about these incredible applications. 

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