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Five Different Kinds of Teeth Fillings

 Restoring a tooth with decay is a necessary white filling in Lahore reconstruction procedure. First, the dentist has to scrub off the affected area and leave a gap or a hole within the tooth. After that, the hole will be fill with a dental sealant to smooth out the tooth surface and make it appear natural. This article explains the various white filling in Lahore used in tooth restoration.

Five types of filling materials for teeth

Five kinds of materials are commonly used to cover holes caused by decay. These comprise:
Silver amalgam fillings are very popular filling. Silver amalgam filling has more than silver. It is a mixture of minerals, such as tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. It is the most popular option due to its durability, long-lasting, and less expensive than other alternatives. A standard silver amalgam filling can last for up to 12 years of usage. Dentists appreciate its ease of utilization because it is flexible.

The major drawback is it’s not appealing to the eye, which is why it’s not the most suitable choice for a visible tooth. The material also responds to changes in temperature by expanding and contracting and causing the tooth to fracture. The fluctuations can create gaps between the tooth and the filling, which can lead to the introduction of food and bacteria and the emergence of cavities. Despite the controversy over mercury content in silver amalgams, The filling material has been deem safe to use.

white filling in Lahore

Composite fillings

Composite fillings made using resin and plastic. It is insert into the tooth, and it gets soft and hardened using an intense curing light. It is a popular choice because it can be customize to match the shade of the teeth that the patient has and is therefore not as noticeable as the amalgam fillings made of silver. Composite fillings don’t last as long as other kinds. They can last up to 5-10 years, at which point they may require replacement.

Ceramic fillings

They are produce using porcelain, which makes them durable and attractive. Ceramic fillings are more expensive than other white filling in Lahore; however, they are tooth-color and resist staining and scratching superior to composite resin.

The disadvantage of using ceramic fillings over composite is that it’s more fragile and, as such, it is require to be place for large cavities to avoid fracture. In addition, the dentist can expand the hole to allow for volume.

white filling in Lahore

Glass ionomer fillings

The filling is a combination of acrylic and glass. It is typically use by young children with teeth that are still growing. They release fluoride into the teeth to shield them from further decay. However, they can only last only for a few years because they’re less intense than composite resin and likely to break or wear out. The glass ionomer commonly used in the market isn’t naturally-looking, as composite resin.

Bottom line

If you suffer from tooth decay, you must see a dentist get tooth restoration. The dentist will advise you on the most appropriate type of filling Dentist in Lahore to return the tooth to its original condition.

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