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Which Laboratory Furniture Material is Correct for You? Things That You Need to Keep in Mind

The laboratories get designed for the lab personnel for attaining several professional tasks. Several laboratories showcase advanced devices such as fume hoods, heating devices, cleaners and extraction apparatus for conducting highly-defined processes. One of the common aspects of laboratories is its furniture.

Simply put, the laboratory furniture gets designed using materials that are suitable for the work that gets designed and performed in the way, it can sustain the extremes of a lab environment. Therefore, it is necessary to select the correct lab furniture material and pay close attention to the surface selection as it can affect the durability of the furniture investment. For an array of laboratory furniture material, you can visit https://topairsystems.com/

You need to check the materials for lab furniture that are available and know the characteristics of each to arrive at a clear decision. Some of the popular laboratory furniture materials include the following:

The plastic laminate casework

Simple to manufacture, the plastic laminate casework is less costly and a very cost-efficient material. That aside, the plastic laminate provides a wide range of patterns, textures and colours. It is a lucrative choice and useful in managing situations where design plays a crucial role. This material provides better sound absorption than metal. Hence, the plastic laminate can be an effective option in scenarios where you need a calm ambiance.

Polypropylene casework

The polypropylene offers intense acid resistance. If there is no metal exposure to the polypropylene furniture, chances are you don’t have to fret about the corrosion or rust. The polypropylene casework also offers more excellent spill containment and is perfectly well-suited for surgical and sterile cases. That aside, since it is a stain-resistant material, the polypropylene can retain its color and strength for several years.

The metal casework

Usually, metal will prove to be a cost-efficient, sturdy choice, and it gets used in several commercial markets. It is highly durable and can take on an increased amount of wear and tear compared to various other metals. However, it will not complement every application. The nature of metal is utilitarian. That aside, it is easy to clean and hassle-free to maintain.

The wood casework

The wood casework can add an element of warmth to the ambiance, as it is durable and offers several choices. Right from oak to maple, when you come across the correct finish, you have it in you to obtain a professional look for the laboratory. The wood material gets constructed by using time-tested construction processes, resulting in high-end products. Wood is a great choice for several applications that make use of the chemicals that corrode metals that aren’t conducive to the metals.

The phenolic resin casework

The phenolic resin is a rugged and durable material that’s resistant to several solvents and acids. It can appear in a wide range of shades and are highly durable in places where there is an increased amount of moisture. That aside, the rust-resistant phenolic resin materials are much simpler to clean and maintain. It is literally free of all maintenance. It is resistant to fungus growth and bacteria and are conducive for several areas. Generally, you will find it in the hospital and lab settings, comprising the sterile areas, operating suites, the dialysis treatment places and nurse stations.

The stainless-steel casework

It is a good choice for any wet ambiance. The stainless-steel casework is highly durable while it is stain and rust-resistant. That aside, the worksurface offers an excellent heat and chemical resistance and can get cleaned easily. It can get adapted for any décor or colour scheme. Also, the stainless-steel casework is a favorite choice for several biomedical, biological, hospital and pharmaceutical labs.

Things to keep in mind when selecting lab furniture

When you have to outfit a science lab furniture or get old furniture replaced, the buyers should stick to a wide variety of factors. It is necessary to ensure that you are selecting a high-end laboratory furniture that will last. Even though you can have certain low-cost alternatives available online, there can be more hassles than it is worth. It will not last very long, as it might get composed of subpar materials and might fail to address the job at hand.

Hence, it becomes essential to decide on the quality of lab furniture before you make an investment. Here are a few things that you will have to consider.

Does it cater to the industry regulations?

There are several industries that will need a laboratory which can manage the onsite experiments and research. The various kinds of labs have multiple purposes, manage multiple work types and come with various risks. It could come with specific regulations which is essential for the lab to follow. Hence, you must ensure that the laboratory furniture you select can exceed or cater to regulatory needs.

When the lab works with chemicals of any kind, the lab furniture requirement should get considered. For instance, when you are based at a very acidic environment, chances are you should say yes to the polypropylene that provides the best acid resistance. Or, when moisture is the issue, then you can choose phenolic resin. It would help if you considered all that you want in the lab and the best device.

The materials which get used are a huge consideration. You need to check whether you need a lab table that is made using stainless steel. On the other materials like epoxy resin and ESD laminate usually gets used for multiple kinds of lab furniture. They can come to good use considering the lab and device type that you need. You need to consider the standards and regulations required for the lab. That way, you will have a clear idea about all that you need to be searching for via the multiple laboratory furniture suppliers.

The lab floorplan and the furniture size

You need to check the size of the lab and the layout! Knowing the fact that the layout is essential, you have to ensure that you purchase the correct lab device and the furniture for the location. In several cases, making use of the lab furniture is a great choice. It can make it possible to set up and also to arrange the lab in such a way that you are able to work with the space that is available for you. You must ensure that you can add it when you shift to a bigger lab space. Also, prior to purchasing a lab furniture, you need to check all the evaluations. Ensure that you will get for the available space. And it will enable several rooms for a person to maneuver.

You need to find the relevance of storage space

Even though the devices, like the fume hoods, lab tables, and the lab sinks, are what you think about, it is necessary to keep in mind the storage space. You need to ensure that there are correct lab storage cabinets that can work with almost any material you have to store. In certain cases, the standard cabinets are something that you need. It is also possible that you will need the laboratory chemical storage cabinets that you can use to store flammable materials, acids, pesticides, specimens and also narcotics. It would help if you considered all that you wish to store to ensure that you select the lab storage cabinets that can accommodate all lab requirements.

The laboratory device ergonomics

An essential aspect to keep in mind is the ergonomics. Both you and the employees will keep working in your laboratory for a very long time. It is essential to have ergonomically sound furnishings. The seating will help you to enhance and bring down the back pain. And that can enable you to enhance productivity and comfort in your workspace. The lab workstations and the tables need to have ergonomics.

Furniture maintenance

Even though you will come across high-end lab furniture, you will see that there will be minimal wear and tear over time. Hence, you should ensure correct maintenance of the devices and furniture. Usually, it means that you wipe the area after every use.

Finally, you need to think about the correct lab furniture suppliers. The moment you know that kind of furniture you need, it is essential to make sure that you have the best lab furniture suppliers on board so that you can have access to great service, quality devices and correct costs. Today, reputed service providers have come up with a wide range of exclusive lab furniture. They also help in lab relocation services, renovation and design solutions. It can enable them to ensure that they get the correct product for you, which also caters to your lab space. You might need an improve lab storage cabinet, lab accessories, and modular lab furniture you can get all you want once you get connected with the correct supplier. These are a few points you need to keep in mind when choosing the lab furniture to cater to your needs.

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