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Which Channels Televise Baseball In The US And Europe?

Baseball draws over 500 million fans globally with Major League Baseball (MLB) attracting the highest revenues and media coverage. In the US and Canada alone, hundreds of channels and platforms carry MLB games. 

Even across Europe, baseball maintains niche popularity with emerging channels providing increased coverage. Here is an overview of the main broadcasters airing baseball in these key markets.

MLB Broadcasters In The United States

Below are the broadcasters in the United States of MLB live streaming free or paid on these channels:

National Broadcast Partners

  • Fox – Fox airs MLB games regionally on Saturday afternoons plus the All Star Game, ALCS playoff series, and World Series.
  • ESPN – ESPN shows Sunday Night Baseball weekly plUS Home Run Derby and wild card games as an MLB rights holder.
  • TBS – TBS televises MLB playoff Division Series and ALDS games on a national level.
  • YouTube – YouTube streams a Game of the Week nationally for free on the MLB YouTube channel.
  • Apple TV – Apple TV+ recently signed a major Friday night doubleheader streaming deal.
  • Peacock – NBC’s Peacock streams Sunday morning baseball and other exclUSive MLB content.

Regional Sports Networks

  • AT&T SportsNet – Regional broadcaster for Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Rocky Mountain region teams.
  • Comcast SportsNet – Airs games for Oakland A’s, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Fox Sports – Televises local MLB teams on regional Fox Sports affiliates coast-to-coast.
  • MASN – Covers Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles games throughout Mid-Atlantic states.
  • MSG – Broadcast home for New York Mets games on Madison Square Garden network.
  • NBC Sports – Regional channel for Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Cubs.
  • Root Sports – Televises Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and Pittsburgh Pirates in local markets.
  • Spectrum Sports – Carries LA Dodgers, LA Angels, San Diego Padres, and other local teams.
  • YES Network – New York Yankees rights holder and Bronx Bombers broadcaster.

Local Broadcasters

  • ABC – Select MLB games aired on local ABC affiliates, often on summer holidays.
  • CBS – Local CBS channels provide some in-market regular season and playoff coverage.
  • CW Network – Live MLB on CW affiliate stations in some cities and towns.
  • MyTV – Regional and national MLB broadcasts scheduled periodically.
  • NBC – Local NBC affiliates show MLB events like All-Star, postseason games, and weekly matches.
  • PBS – Occasional MLB games televised on PBS, including Negro League documentary programming.

How To Watch MLB In Europe?

While less robUSt than US coverage, several broadcasters are growing European MLB games on tonight in Europe with access:

United Kingdom

  • BT Sport – BT Sport has rights to show MLB games and World Series in the UK. Airs a weekly US sports show featuring MLB highlights.
  • Premier Sports – Another UK provider that carries live MLB action on paid Premier Sports channel and streaming.


  • Sky Italia – Italy’s Sky platform offers MLB coverage including World Series on paid Sky Sports channels.


  • beIN Sports – beIN covers MLB in France through paid TV sports packages on their channels.


  • Movistar TV – This major Spanish broadcaster provides MLB games to cUStomers via paid Movistar Deportes.
  • Vodafone TV – Baseball fans can catch MLB action on Vodafone TV via paid sports add-ons and packages.


  • DAZN – The popular sports streaming service DAZN Germany includes some live MLB games and content.


  • MLB.TV – MLB’s direct subscription service streams games for international fans in approved markets lacking broadcast deals.

While still limited compared to American coverage, MLB’s media partners continue expanding across Europe giving fans access to watch baseball’s biggest games and moments.

What European Country Has The Most MLB Coverage?

The UK likely has the most extensive MLB coverage between BT Sport and Premier Sports. But Spain, Italy, France, and Germany also offer MLB through various paid TV providers.

Do Any European Channels Show MLB Free?

Unfortunately, MLB broadcast rights are generally exclusive to premium sports packages on paid channels/streaming services. Some highlights appear but live games remain limited to paying subscribers.

Which US Channel Shows The World Series?

Fox has right to air the World Series which draws high ratings annually. Other playoff series air nationally on TBS and ESPN. All games stream on MLB.TV.

Are Division Games Blacked Out Regionally?

Yes, MLB blacks out local team games in-market to protect regional rights deals. National broadcasts are not blacked out.

Where Are Regular Season Games Shown In The US?

Regionally on local broadcasters (NBC/ABC/Fox affiliates) and regional sports networks like Spectrum Sports, Root Sports, Fox Sports Ohio, NESN, etc. based on team coverage areas.

Do Streaming Services Like Espn+ Have MLB Rights?

A few. ESPN+ carries some out-of-market games while Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ both stream weekly national MLB games now. But local rights remain with regional channels.

Understanding available MLB broadcasters globally allows fans to access more baseball. While more limited in Europe, coverage continues improving giving supporters abroad more ways to watch America’s pastime.

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