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What You Can Do With a Kinesiology Degree

Kinesiology involves the learning of the human body’s motion. It addresses the performances and functions of the body due to any biomechanical and psychological processes. It is a fascinating course that has the purpose of discovering principles with body motion. Kinesiology comprehension helps in medicating patients’ immobility and boosting their body health through exercise. Getting a kinesiology degree allows you to get jobs involved with body exercises. If you are intrigued with physical fitness and would like a career dealing with the same, consider applying for a degree in Kinesiology. Dive in to know more about this course and the occupations available with it.

1. Associate Degree

It is a course that takes about two years and is for those students who are just starting out and will likely go for entry-level jobs. The course mainly deals with exercise science, physiology, anatomy, and psychology. Jobs one can pursue are fitness consultant, massage therapist, physical therapist, physical instructor, and personal trainer.

2. Bachelor degree

This course lasts for four years. There is a deeper study of body movement and exercise than the associate degree. The students study how exercise is medicine to the human body. It extensively covers a lot more topics. The work one can apply for is a physical education instructor and an athletic instructor. Taking up bachelor kinesiology online can get you qualified for these jobs.

3. Master’s degree

It takes about three years maximum to accomplish. The students study advanced sports medicine and the clinical side of kinesiology, exercise science, and physiology. It also covers more about sports management, medicine physiology, and exercise physiology. The jobs one can apply for are; certified trainers, coaches, and sports administrators.

4. Doctoral degree

This degree involves extensive research and more advanced topics in kinesiology. The advanced topics covered include research methods, exercise science, and biomechanics. This degree takes four years to finish. The coursework comprises sport psychology, motor control, a dissertation that involves research, and rehabilitation science. Those who study up to this degree can apply for more specialized jobs, such as university professors, sports psychologists, sports administrators, and kinesiology-based research scientists.

There are many jobs a person who studies Kinesiology can apply for. Below are the career paths to consider after graduating.

• Fitness career path

It involves exercising and body strength. The jobs include physical trainer, club manager, fitness instructor, exercise physiologist, rehabilitation trainer, and fitness manager.

• Athletic career path

It deals more with training sports teams. The jobs include head and assistant coach, athletic director, and athletic trainer.

• Health career path

Involves aiding and assisting people by encouraging a healthy daily routine. The jobs include health coach, wellness coordinator, health manager, and community health worker.

• Education and research career path

It deals with working at educational and research institutes. These jobs include university professor, research, and physical education teacher.

The advantages of pursuing this course include always being active physically, and it is an exciting experience. Taking kinesiology as a course helps you fulfill your dreams of assisting others, and as a plus, you get to maintain your body fitness. When you make up your mind on taking this course, consider looking at any online classes available.

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