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What to look for in a preschool

When parents start to decide which pre-school in Pune their child should go to, there is a lot to think about and consider. Contrary to what you may have heard, choosing the right preschool in Pune for your child is not as difficult as applying for a degree. Choosing the right preschool for your child to continue on a good CBSE school educational journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many options, finding the right kindergarten or preschool program can be a daunting, albeit exciting, task for parents. 

Characteristics to look for in a preschool or CBSE school in Pune

Parents should choose a preschool and CBSE school in Pune based on the quality of the teachers, the policies applied by the preschool principal, resources, the general environment, and suitability for your child, and not so much on his or her written philosophy of education. Of course, you want to make sure that your child’s preschool teacher is experienced and qualified. Yes, come prepared with a solid idea of ​​what you want your child to earn from their preschool experience. 

Classroom environment and teaching faculty who are caring

To begin with, the classroom rules should be explicit so that your child understands what to anticipate. Inquire about how the teacher promotes positive conduct on a daily basis.   

Request information of the teacher’s training and experience with young children and a curriculum appropriate to their developmental level. You can learn a lot by talking to other parents in kindergarten and getting scooped up. It seems obvious that young children in kindergarten should have fun, but it’s less obvious that teachers and other staff should have fun too. 

Research confirms that when teachers are positive and caring, children learn better and develop faster. Research and real-life experience tell us that all people learn best when they actively participate in preschool learning activities.

A well-curated curriculum in Preschools in Pune

Montessori programs in CBSE schools in Pune are especially effective in preparing your preschooler for future success in school and in life. Some parents may be embarrassed at the thought of their child being tested, but a strong preschool program will track each child’s development. Research shows that investing in high-quality early preschool education will benefit children and pay off. Knowing what to look for in a preschool in Pune is important for both parents and caregivers. Kindergarten is the first step in your child’s schooling and can serve as the foundation for all future learning specially in CBSE schools.

Open Communication in CBSE Schools in Pune

The preschool and kindergarten years are the foundation of your child’s educational journey. Parents should examine the level of transparency between the school and the family when selecting the ideal preschool program for their child. It’s critical that the family is welcomed into the program, encouraged to drop in at any time, and informed about the child’s development and daily routine by the center. It’s critical to maintain open communication with your child’s daily routines and development through parent conferences and feedback.

Balanced Curriculum and Positive Interaction between Teachers and Students.

Kindergarten or preschool is often a child’s first experience away from home and loving parental care. Preschool in Pune is all about play and learning, and your goal is to find a safe and enjoyable environment that your child enjoys. Look for a preschool learning environment that not only includes plenty of free time for play in its schedule but also has teachers who actively guide conflict resolution and promote social learning (instead of letting preschoolers “understand” for themselves because they can not) The preschool environment and the presence of the teacher as an authority figure will help improve children’s ability to focus on doing one thing for a few minutes. 

If you are allowed to do this, be sure to allow the teacher to lead the lessons without interrupting them so that you can observe how the children react to their lessons and participate in the classroom environment. There should be a lot of interaction between teachers and students, and between students and colleagues. When you arrive at school, watch how adults talk to children. Adults can speak by standing at eye level with children, calling them by name, and listening carefully to what the child is saying.

Develop extra skills

A good preschool in Pune helps children build self-esteem and learn effective social skills such as conflict and problem-solving. In addition to laying the foundation for a good education, by introducing children to reading and writing, play can stimulate curiosity, develop empathy and problem-solving skills, and help children learn important preschool skills and concepts such as counting, color, and shape recognition. And develop coordination and fine motor skills. Montessori in CBSE schools are known for encouraging independence, Waldorf schools are known for their creativity, the High/Scope approach uses a “deliberate learning” approach, Bank Street focuses on child-centered education, and the Reggio Emilia approach Follows your child’s natural development. 

Preschools should provide a lot of active play possibilities. Physical activity is important for a child’s gross motor skills development as well as their health and well-being. It’s also necessary to spend time at the table. Fine motor exercises, such as threading beads, snipping paper strips, and pre-writing activities, such as scribbling in shaving cream, should be done on a daily basis for children. Children’s hand skills will be needed in kindergarten if they are exposed to these tasks on a regular basis.

Mealtime Etiquettes

Inquire about the food alternatives if the school provides meals and snacks. Is food served that is nourishing and well-balanced? Are the snacks nutritious? Is there a pre-meal ritual, such as going to the bathroom and washing your hands? Will your child be expected to use proper table manners and consume all of the food on her plate? Is it possible for the kids to interact as they eat? During meals and snacks, children should socialize. 


Parents should research all preschools in Pune before visiting to inquire about any possible concerns. When you visit the school, inquire about references from the teacher or director. Don’t be afraid to inquire; most preschools in Pune will gladly provide parent references upon request. Prepare a list of questions to ask the reference so you don’t forget anything. Consider inquiring about the parent’s least and most favorite aspects of the program, as well as how communication is handled and how their child enjoys the preschool. Speaking with other parents at the school and getting the inside scoop can teach you a lot to make the decision and also continue educating the child in one of the best CBSE schools in Pune.

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