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Essential Things To Keep In Mind: 61 Key Piano

It’s usually a good idea to develop a list of your wants and expectations before making a purchase.

61 key keyboard or a full-fledged digital piano? Do you need hundreds of instrument sounds or do you mostly utilize piano tones? It’s up to you: Do you like a piano-like instrument that can be taken with you, or something more portable?

Before looking at a certain model, ask yourself these questions.

This article will help you choose the finest digital piano for you. This list is not complete, but it should help you think about how you spend your hard-earned money.

1. Voice

This may seem obvious, but you must pay special attention to the sound of your chosen digital piano. Pay attention to the speakers and the internal sound library.

Your digital piano speakers are the major sound output, so you’ll be using them a lot while playing. So make sure they’re good quality and loud enough for your requirements.

While headphones are an option, internal or external speakers are required if performing in front of family and friends.

Digital pianos typically have a wide range of sounds. It’s not simply piano sounds.

Adding extra instrument sounds, in addition to the piano, gives you the chance to try out different types of music and instrumentation.

2. MIDI Interface

A lot more than most people understand, MIDI is now an integral element of the music-making process. It has opened doors and offered possibilities previously unimaginable. So, if you want to produce music, we propose a digital piano with a MIDI interface. This allows you to link your digital piano to your DAW of choice and record yourself playing, as well as utilize thousands of accessible plug-ins.

As a music producer, a MIDI connection is a must-have when shopping for a new digital piano. Using plug-ins allows you to access millions of high-quality sounds. Make beats and drum loops with your digital piano by using it as a MIDI controller.

Nowadays, most digital pianos and keyboards support USB MIDI. However, certain entry-level devices lack this capability.

3. Polyphonie

Also, while shopping for a digital piano, look for polyphony. Polyphony is the number of notes that can be played simultaneously without being cut off.

You want to be free to express yourself without limitations. To do so, your digital piano must have adequate polyphony.

Whatever composition you play, as long as you have at least 64 notes of polyphony, you should be alright. Entry-level keyboards sometimes have less polyphony, which is OK for beginners.

4. Keyboard

The keyboard of a digital piano will influence your decision to purchase one. It should be well-made and lifelike to the touch. Making this choice will be influenced by your instrument’s key actuation mechanism.

Most digital pianos include a fully-weighted hammer-action keyboard that mimics an acoustic piano’s feel. Keys are typically graded, so lower register keys feel heavier and lighter as you progress up the keyboard.

Not all weighted keyboards are made equal, so go to a music shop and check out as many as you can.

Cheaper portable keyboards are another story. They frequently have fewer keys than acoustic pianos and don’t try to recreate the acoustic piano’s feel. The keys are generally unweighted or semi-weighted, making the keyboard seem lighter than an acoustic piano.

5. Reusable

Depending on your needs, you may choose a portable digital piano. If you’re a touring musician, you’ll want a portable digital piano that’s simple to transport and doesn’t weigh a tonne.

A bookcase digital piano may not be the best choice for you if you have trouble assembling and disassembling regular digital pianos.

However, is a quality Yamaha 61 key keyboard for live and studio applications?


Many elements play into our judgments and possibilities; two artists may choose the identical digital piano, but their reasons for doing so would be different.

Similarly, the 61 key piano you choose will be based on factors such as price, brand choice, experience, and ambitions.

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