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What To Look for In a Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding moms sometimes dread stepping out of their homes because it’s difficult to find the peace and privacy they have at home while breastfeeding. They are wary of how people would react to seeing a mother breastfeed their baby. This should not be the case; however, it is difficult to go against the norm that society has dictated.

Breastfeeding your baby in peace while outside the safety of your home is possible with the help of a nursing cover. A lot of mothers have guaranteed that by using nursing covers they were able to breastfeed their little ones in solitude.

Now that it is established a nursing cover is necessary, what should first-time breastfeeding moms look for?

A nursing cover that is versatile

Sure, blankets or swaddles are enough to cover you and your baby while breastfeeding in public. But a real nursing cover is designed for this purpose. It will provide coverage and would remain in place even when your baby wiggles while feeding. There are other uses for nursing covers as well making the most out of your money.

They could even be used as scarves, covers for restaurant high chairs, car capsule cover, and shopping carts. There are some mothers who have also tested their babies being comfortably snug under a nursing cover while breastfeeding because some babies do not like the feeling of having a blanket draped over their faces but would gladly settle under a nursing cover.

A nursing cover that is made out of soft and lightweight material

Aside from being versatile a nursing cover that is soft is also a must. A soft nursing cover would ensure that your baby would like to be draped in it and would not feel irritable because the material is scratchy. A soft nursing cover is also most likely to be hypoallergenic which is necessary since we know how delicate the skin of a baby is. Of course, even if the nursing cover is made out of soft and breathable fabrics, you must also choose one that is durable and wood to withstand being washed regularly in a washing machine.

A nursing cover that helps you keep track

One of the additional and beneficial features of a nursing cover is one that helps you keep track on which breast have you recently fed your baby. Most breastfeeding parents frequently experience this, they forgot which breast their baby was last fed with.

This is understandable since your parent has a lot of things on their mind. Fortunately, there are breastfeeding covers that solve this dilemma. Some nursing covers have a ring that slides across the neckline to remind the breastfeeding mom if they have breastfed from the right or left side. This is really helpful for the mommy who keeps on forgetting.

There are also breastfeeding covers that are incredibly discreet, unlike some nursing covers that are evident you are a breast-feeding mom. If this is more your style, rest assured that there is a breast-feeding cover for you that doesn’t look like one.

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