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What Risks are Associated With Ant Infestation?

Do you know there are more than 1200 species of ants? Any of these species can infest your home and ruin everything. Most of the ants are black, brown, or red. You can only get a clue about their invasion once they grow their colonies in your home and start biting everything that comes their way.

These tiny creatures can destroy every food present in your kitchen. They pose some severe threats to your health and property. Therefore you need to hire experts for pest control in Surrey or surrounding regions to get rid of these tiny pests.

Ants appear harmless as they don’t often disturb you. But it happens only when they are present in a deficient number. Once they grow their colonies, they become unstoppable. Going through the risks associated with ants invasion helps you understand why you should get rid of them ASAP.

Ants Dangers to You and Your Property

Let’s look at all the risks associated with these tiny and seemingly harmless creatures.


When ants infest your home, their first goal is to grow their colonies. Once they manage to do so, they become uncountable. After that, they start roaming freely in your home. They never mind biting you whenever you come closer to them. They can even reach your bed and bite you during sleep. They can even hide in your towel and can bite your whole body upon using that towel.

Their bites release certain chemicals into the body. It leads to skin allergies. Most of the allergy is not severe and recover with slight medication. However, some species are pretty dangerous. Their bite can lead to severe skin allergy and can result in death as well if left untreated.

Carry Disorders

Ants roam freely everywhere, in and out of your home. They don’t wear shoes and never mind cleaning their legs before climbing your bed or doing other things. They can carry the germs and transmit them to your dress and body. It results in some severe health problems. They can even have some deadly viral and bacterial infections as well.

Ruin Food

One of the primary reasons behind ant infestation in your home is the availability of food for them. Your kitchen is the ants’ favorite place in the whole world. They attack different foods in groups and ruin them within a few minutes. You can never find how ants reach closed containers and destroy your stored food. Keeping food safe from ants is nearly impossible, especially when they have infested your home.

Risks to Pets

Not only you but your pets can also get affected by ants. Ants cause different disorders and allergies in pets. They bite and sting your pets whenever they want. Some ants even reside in their hair and take nutrition from their bodies. Transmitting diseases to pets and ruining their food is not more than a hobby for ants.

How to Get Rid of Ants?

After going through the above risks associated with ants, you cannot allow them to reside in your home for one more second. However, eliminating them is a challenging task. It would be best to use several techniques to knock ants out of your home. Let’s check some most effective ways to get rid of ants.

Look for Their Colonies

The first thing you have to do is to look for their colonies. They only send a part of their colony to invade your kitchen. The best way to find their territories is to follow them. You often see them walking in lines on the walls of your home. You need to follow them and check whether their colony is present.

Sometimes they may even build a colony outside your home. These colonies can be massive. It would help if you also eliminated these colonies to avoid future invasions.


Keeping your home clean is the best way to keep ants away. You need to maintain complete hygiene in your home. It can automatically eliminate ants. Your primary focus should be the kitchen. It is a place that invites the ants and provides them with enough food to live and reproduce in your home.

You need to keep your kitchen highly clean. Never let the food particles fall on the floor during cooking. Clean the kitchen every time you use it to stop the invasion. Keep all the grains, spices, etc., in air-tight containers. It is nearly impossible for ants to enter these containers if you leave them open.

Using Home Remedies

Several home remedies are very effective against ants. The following are the top remedies that work every time.

  • The kitchen invites ants, but you can also get solutions from the kitchen. Several spices are super effective in preventing ants from your home and forcing them to leave your home. A mixture of salt and red chili powder can do the trick for you. Apart from that, using cinnamon can also repel ants.
  • Using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to make a pesticide is very common. This natural pesticide is harmless to humans or pets but can knock out ants quickly. You must get this mixture in a spray bottle and shower it over the ants and their colonies.

Close Their Entrances

You may succeed in eliminating ants, but they can come back again and again. So it would be best to block their entrances for prolonged ant control. Tiny holes in walls, broken doors, windows, space underneath doors, broken pipes, etc., are the most common entrances for ants. You need to close them to avoid their invasion again.

Hiring Experts

No other method can be more effective and quicker for ant control than hiring experts. You can only eliminate small colonies of ants. However, to remove them permanently from your home, you need to hire the services of experts. They have advanced equipment and skills to remove ants even from unreachable places.

Bottom Line

One thing is clear, you and ants cannot live in the same house. They are dangerous for you, your pets, and your property. You can use the aforementioned methods to eliminate them. If something else works better for you, hire experts immediately. It’s time to say goodbye to ants!

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