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What makes Aussiedoodle puppies ideal as home pets?

With sky-high popularity of aussiedoodles, you may be wondering why this breed is getting so much praise from everyone? Is it due to their personality for charming looks? Well. the answer is; both of these. If you have never seen aussiedoodle puppies as oets, you are missing out a lot. But worry not; as we are here to benefit you with all the necessary knowledge regarding this dog breed. As soon as the article ends, you will run to your nearby breeder to get this cute buddy home. 

Why are aussiedoodles so popular?

An aussiedoodle is a not a completely own breed. Instead, it comes from the mating of two popular breeds; an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. As both of these parents are extremely family-friendly, the trait doubles in an aussiedoodle. They are also energetic, playful, active yet tolerant and kind.

Undoubtedly, an Aussiedoodle is considered one of the most ideal puppies to bring home. They are cute, cuddly, and friendly. Along with these, they have exceptional personality traits that owners prefer.

Extremely friendly

A family-friendly nature is the first priority of dog owners, especially if you live with children or siblings. An aussiedoodle is a perfect match in this case. This cross-breed have a happy nature and get easily excited on minor events. They are friendly to known as well as unknown people. You can also take them on walks and meet-and-greet with other owners with pets without worry.

Smart and intelligent

Intelligence can be noted when you tell someone something and they understand it quickly. This is what you can expect from an aussiedoodle. They respond well to reward system and trainings. If something unusual happens, they quickly take notice of it. It prevents them from doing harmful activities and train easily.


What can be better news for dog owners than low-shedding breeds? If you also get frustrated with animal hair on your home items, you may consider getting an Aussiedoodle. Despite its lush, glamorous hair, this cross-breed leave hair tufts on laps and sofas.

This makes them require less maintenance and vet visits. You can brush them everyday and save money on running to a groomer. It also makes cleaning easier.


Most low-shedding pets are hypoallergenic. As most people are allergic to dog hair, they shed less and level lesser hair at everything. Thus, sensitive people may stay in the same house as an aussiedoodle.


This trait is especially needed when you have children or other pets at home. An aussiedoodle’s tolerant behavior is well-praised among all individuals. They remain calm in unfavourable situations. Small kids can be irritative at times but this puppy will behave nicely. 


Another favourable personality factor of an aussiedoodle is their easy-to-train nature. It is even quicker for puppies as they are in early life stages and open to adaptations. The high intelligence level enables them to understand environmental ques and respond accordingly.

Loyal and defensive

Aussiedoodles are very loyal to their owners and other family members. They are also defensive when someone hurts their favourite person. When all odds are against you, you will find your puppy to be your side. In short, if you treat them right, they will provide double respect in return.   

If I adopt an Aussiedoodle, how do I care for it?

Although all dogs may have specific health concerns, cross-breeds are more prone to it. Thus, Aussiedoodle dogs may have prevailing diseases that you should resolve early in life. You must adopt a vaccinated puppy from a well-reputed breeder. Also, ask about the health certification before taking your buddy home. If any condition prevails in the dog, ask the breeder about it with management strategies.

Auussiedoodles are low-shedders but still they require day-to-day brushing and combing. You should keep it clean and regularly inspect its health. Weekly baths are a great start. If your breed has curly fur type, it would require more frequent grooming, cleaning, and vet visits.


To summarize everything about an aussiedoodle, we can say that its friendly, playful, and a loving breed. As a cross-breed of two friendliest dogs, an aussiedoodle turns out to be one of the most family-friendly pets. It is also low-shedding, hypoallergenic and loves challenges.

Anyone can decide to adopt this puppy knowing such favourable trait. However, make sure you get registry and health certificates. This is compulsory for all aussiedoodle puppies. Well-reputed breeders like Aussiedoodles of Love always provide well-bred pets.

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