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What kind of entrepreneurs are there?

According to the RAE, the entrepreneur is one who resolutely undertakes actions or innovative companies. But we believe that he goes further. For us, an entrepreneur is a person with aspirations and skills who knows how to find opportunities and take risks to start a new project. 

In Spain, one of the main sectors for entrepreneurship is the agri-food industry , a sector with strong roots in the territory, which generates stable employment and is very open to the exterior. It is a sector increasingly related to innovation, achieving objectives with the necessary tools to make them possible with conventional and digital technologies.

Control the harvest from the sky

An example of entrepreneurship related to innovation in the agricultural sector is the initiative of Nix Solutions , a company that monitors crops by satellite , anticipating water problems, biomass, the need for fertilizers, herbicides… In addition to offering recommendations to farmers to start or delay the harvest or for the reorganization of the field.

Thus, we see that more and more people decide to take their own path and undertake. Surely if you have not yet taken the step, you have someone around you who has already done so.  But, did you know that there are 8 different types of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs according to their mission and objectives? We detail them below:

1. Persuasive entrepreneurs : they have great charisma and power of conviction, and therefore, a strong ability to add collaborators to the project. These followers are more attracted to the leader than to the project or company itself.

2. Visionary entrepreneurs: they are characterized by a clear vocation and passion in everything they undertake, they are capable of performing several tasks at the same time and solving them efficiently. However, they run the risk of dispersing and failing to achieve their objectives.

3. Intuitive entrepreneurs : they have a great instinct for both the creation and implementation of actions that allow them to achieve the objectives. Although they can get out of control because of their passion, which can lead them to divert their attention from the most important points.

4. Specialist entrepreneurs : they have high technical knowledge, which makes them want to lead and it is more difficult for them to work as a team. This can be a great disadvantage for them when it comes to getting the project off the ground. 

5. Entrepreneurial investors : these entrepreneurs have capital and decide to invest it in a new project. They are not in charge of day-to-day management, so they are more distanced from the project. This can lead them to disinterest or abandon the idea. 

6. Necessity or social entrepreneurs: they know how to identify existing needs and fight to cover them to transform the world into something better. They have a great capacity for work, empathy and solidarity. They must guarantee a sustainable project so that it can have continuity over time, although its ultimate goal is not to profit. 

7. Opportunity trackers : they are those who know how to identify the opportunities offered. By the markets and take advantage of them. Although sometimes they require motivation to execute the necessary actions.

8 . Entrepreneurs by chance: they are those people who have started a business by chance. They have a great capacity for vision, although they often lack commitment and planning for the project they have started. Whatever type you are, you just have to focus on your goals and fight for your dreams. If in the end you are committed to your project, it will go ahead.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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