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What is xResolver?

xResolver is a database help that monitors the Gamertags and IP locations of clients who are playing on Xbox, PlayStation, and computer platforms. Despite the fact that the data contained on the site is actually lawful in light of the fact that it is freely accessible data, it can cause significant cerebral pains for gamers who consistently partake in web-based contests.

Furthermore, Xresolver offers a support where players can pay an expense to have their IP address eliminated from the log for a while (alluded to as “a lifetime”). It isn’t prescribed to do as such. IP locations of gamers, as well as their associations with Gamertags and online profiles, are put away in Xresolver, a data set, and site that is straightforwardly open.

How to Use xResolver?

Xresolver has a simple to-utilize interface that simplifies it and fast to utilize. Following these means will assist you with using Xresolver with no issues on the off chance that you are having issues:

  • Go to the authority site of Xresolver.
  • Click on Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver to see what’s the deal with your game (Choose a proper choice)
  • Enter the “Xbox Gamer tag” to transform it into an IP address. Or on the other hand enter the “IP address” to transform the Xbox Gamer tag into the IP address.
  • You then need to tap on “Resolve.”

The interaction is presently finished, and you might utilize a similar technique to determine PlayStation gamer labels to IP addresses, as well as IP locations to PlayStation gamer labels. At the point when you enter the gamer tag to determine, it will without a doubt be changed over into IP design, as you would anticipate. The equivalent is valid for the PlayStation; just enter the PSN username to decide if it will be changed over completely to IP.

Best Xresolver Alternatives.

Xresolver can influence your personality on the web. There are a couple of choices that will give you protected and pressure free gaming and shield you from hackers. A portion of the choices are as per the following.

Console Sniffer

Console sniffer is a checking instrument that fills in as an IP puller without escape. It is viable on multiplayer games and windows. It is viable with VPNs and finds the player’s IP address and other data. Console sniffers are downloaded at the low cost of 20 bucks.


Octosniff upholds various models of Xbox and PlayStation. It sift through the parcel and disentangles the username in them. It empowers a connection of the IP address to the username in PlayStation games. It is reasonable and simple to use.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS various elements in settling and IP pulling. It comprises of its own information base. It permits to sniff capture and pull Ips from Xbox live and PSN games. It is not difficult to set up and use.

Xbox Booter

PS4 booter let you kick disconnected while gaming on the PS4 console. A refusal of service attack is shipped off a gamer’s public IP address. It is smarter to utilize great quality VPN to save yourself from getting booted disconnected.


Bootyou is a less expensive and most grounded booter for gamers, it sends layer 4 and layer7 disseminated refusal of service attacks. It includes different stuff like IP lumberjack, geolocation query, telephone query, and skype resolvers.

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