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What is The Minimum Amount Required for Fixed Deposit?

In India, fixed deposits are considered one of the best investment options traditionally garnered popularity because of their low-risk nature.  Compared to other investments, fixed deposits are widely regarded as among the safest options available to investors. The benefit of using fixed deposits is that the customer has the additional advantage of protecting their money while also earning income from them simultaneously.

There are a lot of people who are unaware of the significance of fixed deposits and the other particulars that are associated with them. Customers have the misconception that to open a fixed deposit account, a person needs to possess a significant quantity of money in their savings account. That is not the case at all. The Bank FD Rates offered for the lowest deposit amounts at many of the best banks are lower. 

In most banks, you only have to deposit a minimum of 5000 rupees as a minimum amount of FD to open a fixed deposit account. However, if this is your first fixed deposit, some banks may require a deposit of at least 10,000 rupees as a minimum amount of FD account. 

Types of Fixed Deposits

Non-cumulative fixed deposit

Non-cumulative fixed deposits can be considered one of the Top-Notch pension plans and involve the payment of interest accrued to the depositor regularly. It is possible to pay interest quarterly, monthly, and sometimes semi-annually, depending on the interest paid. A fixed-interest loan of this type allows investors to receive regular pay-outs since the bank does not withhold the interest. However, a cumulative FD offers a less attractive interest rate than a regular FD on a minimum amount of FD because much of the compounding power is not utilized.

Cumulative fixed deposit

A cumulative fixed deposit is a type of fixed deposit where the interest is accumulated and collected until the end of the maturity period of the deposit. Then, it is reinvested or added to the prior principal amount when interest is earned in a year or cycle. It, in turn, leads to an increase in interest rates. As a result, you will receive the maturity amount on your minimum amount of FD once it has matured, which is the sum of the initial deposit amount plus the interest earned over time.

Benefits of fixed deposit

Risk-Free Investment

There is no risk involved in investing in a fixed deposit, which is one of the significant advantages. In addition, it is a safe investment intended to protect the customer’s money while earning an interest rate. 

Pay-outs every month 

While a fixed deposit is a safe investment option, and an individual can open an FD account with a minimum amount of FD, customers have the option of receiving interest on monthly pay-outs. 


Banks offer automatic renewal options in some fixed deposit schemes after maturity. As a result, there will be no loss of interest on behalf of the customer using auto-renewal.

Easy to use

Opening a fixed deposit account with a minimum amount of FD is transparent. A significant difference between this and other investment processes is that no market risks are involved. Therefore, securing the amount while earning a regular interest rate for the customer is possible.

Final Thought

A fixed deposit is a secure investment choice that ensures constant interest rates, special interest rates for senior citizens, multiple interest payment options, no market-related risks, and income tax deductions. Your funds can grow at a rate of interest that you choose with a fixed deposit, and when the term of the deposit is up, you can withdraw the money from your investment without any hassle. Before starting a new fixed deposit or renewing an existing one, with a minimum amount of FD, it is essential to investigate and evaluate the most recent fixed deposit rates offered by the most reputable banks in the country.

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