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What is teasha by Tangiers?

The teasha is tobacco-free hooka for Tangiers. It is also better tasting as the tobacco is not in the tobacco but in a tiny bowl of ground mixture. The smoke is almost tobacco-free, but a nice, little blast of little flavour.

You fill your teasha up with ground tobacco and as you smoke you suck through a tube to the other side. It is usually not possible to puff yourself. It looks like a very plain cigar or cigarillo, though they look nothing alike. It is a very hard thing to find, not even in Tangiers shops, but it has some great benefits.

It can be made out of any tobacco, but its strength does not depend on the brand. Its less salty taste does not depend on what brand you use. It is biodegradable and does not need to be refilled. You can smoke it in a place where it is permitted. It is good for people with a respiratory condition and other things like that. It also is a drug free drug.

One reason for this would be that it is easier to hide. While many hooka’s have the same purpose, the Teasha by Tangiers is not so obvious. You can hide it in a backpack. The teashas do not look the same and the different sizes and types have no value. People do not ask what is in them. There are many different sizes, shapes and flavours to choose from. There are few differences, in terms of strength and flavour, between them.

Ending Words

It looks different and tastes different to many other hooka’s. Not to mention it is drug free. You do not need to take a pill for a drug-free hit. You can take your medicinal marijuana with teasha. All in all a good thing for sure. It should be fairly easy to find and easy to use. Maybe Tangiers can sell them in there shops.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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