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Largest Digital Banks in the World

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Digital banks are gaining space in the last years, rapidly and moving forward offering the best advantages for customers in a modern and digitized world. Independents, these digital banks crossed the world and found the space who needed.

Our list was based on total value, number of customers and the importance of any bank. Check it out with us!

We detail in this article the 10 largest digital banks in the world and all advantages to open an account in someone now.

  1. Revolut – United Kingdom

Founded in 2015 and based in London, Revolut is not the most famous digital bank in the United Kingdom, but probably in all Europe. Focus in retail and business, has now over 20 million customers.

This startup was founded by a group of russian entrepreneurs, started his work with just a prepaid card and a simple app to make finances, Revolut became now very popular to offer for customers a possibility to invest in stock with low fees.

  1. Chime – United States of America

Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Chime is now the most valuable start-up of finances in the US, since 2014 offerting to their users a possibility to invest in the market, they now have more than 14 million customers. During the pandemic, Chime increased the numbers of total clients.

Chime has a focus on clients who earn between US$ 30,000 to US$ 75,000 a year, offering a digital account with no fees, with a slogan “more than a bank”.

  1. Cash App – United States of America

Another digital bank founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, the most powerful city in California now. Cash App was founded with the name Square Cash, is available for customers in the United States and UK.

Is now one of the stock financiers including at NYSE, having around US$ 59 billion of value market and a cost per US$ 59 per every share.

  1. Nubank – Brazil

Founded in 2013, Nubank is the most rich digital bank of Latin America. Has no more than 70 million customers, five times more than Chime, as a simple example.

In 2013, Nubank was created by a group of entrepreneurs, including Cristina Junqueira and the colombian David Vélez. One year later, Nubank launched their first product, a credit card. Gaining popularity, “Roxinho” now has a full app, with credit and debit card, investments and customers can invest in stocks.

  1. WeBank – China

WeBank is the presence of China in our list for digital powerful banks in the world. With more than 340 million of customers, leading now the number of clients in China.

Has now the big profit, most number of loans, best return on equities and number of companies in the list.

  1. Brex – United States of America

Brex, one more jewelry of the finances in San Francisco. With a US$ 12 billion valuation, it now has more than 3,8 million customers at the moment.

This year, Brex shared very good numbers about their participation, including more than 1,100 employers and the incorporation to FDIC, when the funds up to US$ 250k are safe for all residents in the United States of America.

  1. Rakuten – Japan

The oldest bank on our list, Rakuten, is based in Tokyo, the most populated city in the world. Having recently passed the number of 12 million customers.

Rakuten has the honor to be the first digital bank 24-7 in the world. With an easy system, Rakuten Bank offers many services and all customers can make payments without fees. Customers can deposit and withdraw money at convenience stores, access to make trades at the Forex market and get cashback or rewards when they buy from a Rakuten account.

  1. Wise – United Kingdom

Wise is a popular fintech company based in London, founded in 2011 and now has more than 7 million customers.

Since their creation, Wise has revolutionized the money transfer market to offer low fees and fastest services. The speciality of Wise this moment is to send international transfers, now rivalry with Western Union.

  1. N26 – Germany

Germany is present in our list. N26 was founded in 2013 and is based in Berlin. Before receiving their license, N26 launched a full app with a debit card. 

After the pandemic, it crossed 25 markets in all Europe and the United States of America, gaining customers and a goal of more than 7 million customers.

  1. Sofi – United States of America

Sofi or Social Finance, was founded in 2016. In our list one thing is clear: If the digital bank is American, it is based in San Francisco. Same for Sofi.

Invested hard to offer new services for their customers, like the chance to invest in cryptocurrencies with the app. It now has more than 3,8 million customers.

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