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What Is FTL Freight

Do you run an import or export business? Moving products across international borders is always a challenge, but there are certain companies dedicated to simplifying matters for you. Using FTL freight services is an excellent way to transport your goods.

Keep reading to learn more about FTL freight and why it’s ideal for companies that trade internationally.

Door-to-Door Transport of Cargo

FTL (full truckload freight) is the bulk transportation and delivery of goods from door to door. It is primarily used for producing bulk delivery as most of the cargo is merchandise and documents being transported in truckload quantity.

With this, trucks are loaded to capacity and shipped from the shipper’s door to the receiver’s door. It eliminates the need for additional loading and unloading and minimizes the possibility of any damaged or lost packages.

The goods are usually sent in dry vans or reefers and are sometimes loaded utilizing a flatbed or container system.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Movement of Goods

FTL shipping is cost-effective for companies that ship large quantities of items, as it means that they’re only paying for the space taken up by their shipment. This is rather than having to pay for the volume of cargo carried overall in a less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment.

It involves filling an entire trailer with the goods of one client and then delivering them directly to the destination. It eliminates multiple stops, which results in fewer chances for delays and damages.

Since the entire trailer is devoted to one client’s goods, the cost of transportation is reduced. The best freight broker provides tracking services so that clients can monitor the progress of their shipments.

This is a great choice for businesses that need a cost-effective and reliable shipment of their goods.

Offers a Greater Level of Security

It works by taking the cargo directly from the beginning point to the destination without needing to make any stops along the way. The risks are minimal with this type of shipment.

This is because the cargo will not pass through multiple hands and there could be a higher risk of it being misplaced, lost, or stolen. This usually happens at various exchanges. The security of the transport company is usually extremely high.

All packages are safeguarded and tracked with the latest technology, which helps to prevent any possible theft or damage. This is the best option for those businesses that need a greater level of security with their shipments.

Much Faster Delivery

Truckload shipping provides much faster delivery for companies. The driver will have an entire truckload of goods instead of just a single package.

This allows companies to save time because they don’t have to wait for multiple packages to arrive at a destination. This freight is also more reliable than normal shipping because it doesn’t break apart packages and separate shipments.

Companies will get their goods on time and in one piece. It uses specific carriers that are qualified for the job. This means that they are properly trained and have the necessary resources to get goods to their destination quickly.

Learn Everything About FTL Freight Today

FTL freight is a great choice for Shippers looking to move products quickly and reliably. FTL shipping has distinct advantages over traditional LTL shipping, such as guaranteed delivery times and the ability to track the shipment’s progress.

The cost may be higher for FTL compared to LTL, but the potential savings can be substantial. For more information on how our services can help you, contact us today!

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