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Have you ever wondered if companies or the Internal revenue service (IRS) deliberately made pay stubs challenging to understand? It can be difficult to determine what information on your pay stubs you need to know and what you don’t need to know. A lot of the information on your pay stubs is simply formalities that your employer must record as proof that they are performing their duties.

We want to debunk some of the elements on your pay stub that might not be very clear to everyone as to what they imply or why they are there. It’s not wrong to know how your compensation is determined and where your income is going. Knowing what you’re looking at increases the likelihood that you’ll spot any mistakes, starting with the check number on the pay stub. Let us discuss what you can use for creating a pay stub.

What is a pay stub? 

Pay Stub is short for “paycheck stub” and refers to your earning statement from the company. It offers details about your earnings, tax deductions, and information on you and your company. You will find a breakdown of your earnings to date and for the pay period before your last payment. Some businesses opt to make payments weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Your paycheck serves as documentation for both you and your employer, as their legal obligations to pay you fair compensation. 

What is the check number on the Pay Stub?

Your pay stub’s check number is a reference for the employer’s accounting department. The check number serves as a mechanism for the business to organize the paychecks distributed to different employees, so ordinarily, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about it. The paycheck number could be between 1 and 5, the employee number and their earnings. If you were a new business owner and have just distributed your first batch of paychecks to five employees, numbers 5 through 10 would be the next batch.

If an employee has a query regarding their pay and deductions, they can use the check number to locate the exact paycheck. 

If your paycheck number, for instance, is 1, and it says 2, the following month, it means that this is the second week’s pay. 

The check number will be the same on both the check and the pay stub if you have received a cheque with an accompanying pay stub to demonstrate that the two documents are related. The cheque is cashed or deposited into your account, and the stub remains as a record.

If anything goes wrong during this procedure, you can use the check number to trace the errors back and work with your employers and the bank to find a solution. It serves as a receipt to demonstrate what benefits you are legally entitled to from your company. Paychecks are often printed in advance and dated for the delivery time. 

Why is it important? 

For your records, you should store your check stubs someplace secure. If you lose your check stubs, you can request replacements from your company or bank. Why is keeping the check stub prudent? In the future, you may need to provide proof of your income if you want to obtain a mortgage, apply for a loan, or sign a car finance agreement. You will need to provide proof of income not only for the current year but also for several prior years.

Even though you might not have any plans to apply for one of these things, it is wise to be ready and maintain copies of your employment history in a secure location that is easy to access. You could be shocked by how frequently you might be asked to provide your evidence of income to different governmental and official organizations.

Referring to your pay stub, which will display the breakdown of the deductions made, will be necessary if there is a mistake in the tax deductions for any reason. For example, you will be able to demonstrate that the correct amount has been deducted from your salary by submitting a copy of your payslip. If your healthcare insurance provider notifies you in writing that you are no longer eligible for healthcare coverage because you failed to make the past two payments, you can verify this by checking the previous paystubs.

What is the location of the check number?

Your paycheck will have the check number in two locations. It should be on the top-right corner of the check itself, with the date it was issued, before you deposit it or cash it. On your check stub, close to the top, you’ll discover the check number and issue date. It follows your contact information, such as your name and address. As you quickly flip through old check stubs, you can locate them.

You should still receive a paycheck stub even if you don’t receive a real paycheck. It usually takes place when the company makes a direct deposit to the bank account. It involves less printing and paperwork, but you still need to keep track of your earnings and deductions. 

If you have received a direct deposit check stub, it will contain the check number and the deposit date.

Direct bank deposit, used by firms to pay their employees, as it clears quicker than having to wait for the check to physically show up in your bank account as cleared monies when you deposit or cash it during a free period.

You are still entitled to a record of your earnings and a breakdown of them if your employer uses direct deposit to make payments. Even without the check, you can contact your employer for a physical pay stub, and most businesses will oblige because they understand that you might want to maintain a physical record of your earnings.

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