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What is a kitsune mask?

                   Kitsune Mask (Japanese Fox Mask) 

In Japan, wearing a mask is a common thing. In the past, the people of Japan wore many masks like Oni, Tengu, Hyottoko, Okame, Noh and Kyogen masks, and Men Yoroi. Now, these masks are called traditional masks. Nowadays people of Japan wear masks during stage performances, and at shrine festivals. One of the traditional masks especially worn during Shinto dance. Is the Kitsune Mask.

The other name of Kitsune Mask is fox mask. This mask is usually worn by those who participate in the Shinto Festival. You can also wear it just for sake of fun. 

According to Japanese people, the fox is viewed as a Magical animal that has the ability to shape shift. They were also considered the messengers of Inari (The Shinto) God of all Business, Rice, and prosperity. So this mask is considered important for the Japanese. Japanese people wear this mask to pay tribute to their Gods.

Surprising Facts of Kitsune Mask

Here are some key points that explain why the kitsune Mask is popular in Japan. It is considered a traditional mask.

  • Mask is popular Due to its association with a fox. People think that masks have fox powers.
  • According to the Japanese folklore, foxes are messengers of Inari.
  • Attractive and funny
  • Japanese people wear Kitsune Masks to scare away people and for the protection of their people too.
  • For religious performances
  • This mask helps the wearer from being possessed by a fox
  • Kitsune Mask is the symbol of the Fox god in Japanese folklore.
  • It is believed that this mask brings Prosperity, Happiness, therefore, it is common for them to be given a mask as a gift when a couple marries. 

History of Kitsune Mask

Japan is a traditional country. It fascinates people around the world. They have a glorious History full of handmade crafts; one of the handmade crafts is the Kitsune mask. Fox or Kitsune masks have long History in Japan. These fox masks were used frequently in Japan. ‘’ Kitsune mask Means the fox with one tail and it is considered that it has both powers ‘’ Good and Evil’’. Fox with many tails is considered more powerful than one that has no tail or one tail. Traditionally this also explains why some marks are longer than others. The Bigger mask means more powers. It is considered that the wearer of will gains the ability to transform the mask into a fox, but wearing the Kitsune Mask on special occasions is considered that people are able to receive power from Inari-Sama (god) directly.

Kitsune Masks’ colors and styles

Kitsune masks are available in different styles and colors according to the specialty. The most common type of Kitsune mask is Zori-Fox. This Mask represents that the wearer of this mask transforms itself into a human or any other form. 

Zori masks are made with carved wooden faces painted white and red with paper mouths and eyes, with two holes for ears attached with black silk ribbon.  As we told you before kitsune masks are available in different colors and shapes: bigger, smaller, and medium totally depending on their use. Kitsune Mask represents a female fox, called kitsune-onna’’, and is used during festivals called Tanabata. 

These masks are designed very carefully so there is no chance of a mistake. Kitsune Mask is made with wood and paper Mache. Some Masks are painted with Bright colors and some with vivid colors.

What do the colors mean in the kitsune Mask?

Usually, these masks were previously available in white and red color but now these are available in a variety of colors. E.g. Black, White, Silvery Gold, Reddish Brown. Black, Gold, and Silvery white these three colors depending on the age of the Kitsune.

images (1).jpg

Different Types of Kitsune Mask

Many of us didn’t know what the different types mean and why different types are formed of Fox Masks. It is important to note that there are Good foxes and Bad ones too in Japanese culture. So we can see that Kitsune has two categories: Good and Bad.

These are as follows:

  • Kaze
  • Chikyu
  • Kasai
  • Sand
  • Yama
  • Mori
  • Jikan
  • Tawa 
  • Tengoku
  • Kukan
  • Seishin
  • Umi
  • Ongaku

Does Kitsune Represent Good or Bad?

In Chinese and Japanese traditions there are meanings for everything, like this

Tales of traditional folklore Kitsune masks may relate to good or bad.

Yako—– wild Foxes(good and bad both characteristics), Zenko—Good foxes, But both are Highly Intelligent.

  1. Zenko

This Kitsune is considered Good Nature, linked to the Inari Okami God of Harvest. Good Kitsune can also defend, protect and work hand to hand with humans. In folklore Zenko Safeguard properties and households and other valuable materials. Some even think Zenko comes to help innocent people from bad Kitsune.

2. Yako

These foxes are called single-tailed, Naughty swindlers, and sometimes do spiteful intent. This mask represents that the wearer of such a mask is a cunning person who tries to achieve in any way. So in that way this spirit 

Here is also something best to Know about the 9 Tailed Fox mask (Kitsune) what are the magical abilities?

As we have already explained, Kitsune has good and bad too. In the same way, you have been told that a fox with one tail is considered less powerful and one with more tails is considered more powerful. 

Here are some points which we want to explain about some Magical powers of the 9-tailed Kitsune. It is understood that if a Kitsune reaches 100 years of age, after years of meditation, Spiritual Training, a Kitsune will grow wisdom and special abilities. It has the ability to grow an extra tail. With every period of 100 years, it grows an extra Tale. The More Tales Mean More Magical Powers and Special abilities. But that doesn’t mean it only has good qualities, after 1000 years the Nine-tailed Kitsune has the ability to go to the celestial court. After completion of Thousand years, 9 Tailed Kitsune can change its fur, from its original fur to gold and Then Silvery white color.

Legend says that if you to Kill such a Kitsune, You Must have to cut all of its tales.

Where to buy (online store)

There are many online stores where you can buy your favorite Kitsune mask. You can go with leading stores in   Japan and Tokyo. And also get help from Google for searching any online store like Japansesonimasks.com. Yes, you can buy it online. You just need to visit the site, Select your choice and place an order, that’s it.


 What is Dark kitsune?

 Dark kitsune are called ‘’Noigtsune’’ they drive their powers from pain, evil, grief, tragedy, and chaos. Dark Kitsune are very dangerous when they have been offended and they have a dark sense of humor. Dark Kitsune are particularly Prideful.  They have the ability to be the owner of other people. They can copy other shapes. Dark Kitsune are very powerful if they are 100 years old. If one is wearing a dark Kitsune mask is considered more dangerous and evil.

images (2).jpg

Are Kitsune Masks expensive?

Kitsune masks are not expensive; some masks are very cheap even everyone who is interested can afford them. During the Rice Festival, if you visit Japan you get a Kitsune mask at a pocket-friendly price. These masks are for Fun and are popular during harvest festivals so everyone can get and wear them.

Why is the Kitsune mask so popular in Japan?

The kitsune mask is a traditional mask in Japan; people in Japan consider wearing a Kitsune mask to gain power from their gods. Even Mistune’s mask is to be taken as the mask of Goodwill, prosperity, wealth, and superpowers too.

Are these Masks only for Japanese people?

The answer is no, many people around the world wear these masks just for fun, enjoyment, and acting. There are no such rules to wearing these Masks anybody can wear them, But Kitsune is a traditional Japanese mask so people of Japan only wear Kitsune on Special festivals like during rice harvest season. Tourists can also wear a Kitsune mask during the festival, but it is not compulsory for everyone even for Japanese to wear a Kitsune mask during the festival. So the Kitsune mask is for everyone who wants to wear it.

What is the most powerful type of Kitsune mask?

After reaching 1000 years a kitsune gains all power called ‘’celestial fox’’ is the most powerful kind and the mask of the 1000 years Kitsune is understood most powerful. After Thousand years it gains 9 tales and can change its Fur from original to Silvery white.

Is it Ok to Wear a Kitsune mask?

Yes, it is Ok to wear a Traditional Chinese Kitsune mask. Anyone who wants to wear can wear it easily without any rules and regulations. Although the Kitsune mask is a traditional mask it is also for fun and pleasure.

You can also make your own DIY mask at home, it is very easy to make!

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