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What is a Full-Stack Web Developer Exactly? A Complete Guide

If you’re looking to hire a full-stack web developer, the word full-stack can be confusing, since it implies that the person knows more than just programming languages and frameworks, like front-end skills and back-end skills. Let’s take a closer look at what these terms mean so you know what to look for when hiring full-stack developers.

The different types of full-stack developers

The term full stack refers to developers who are able to work on the back end (the server) and front end (the client). Here’s what each type of developer does: Front-end web developers create things like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Back-end web developers write code for database queries and PHP scripts. Mobile application developers develop apps that run on mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads. User interface (UI) designers design how people interact with the software or hardware they’re using. In this post, we’ll focus on full-stack web development.

The job market for full-stack developers

If you’re interested in becoming a full stack web developer, it’s important to understand the job market. Specifically, if you want to become an employed full stack web developer, this post will help you understand what types of companies are looking for full stack web developers and how to find out about those opportunities.

Important programming languages for frontend, backend and databases

JavaScript and Python are useful languages for frontend development, while Ruby on Rails and PHP are popular choices for backend. SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the preferred language for databases. The most common database systems include MySQL and Oracle. Python can be used to manage data within a database with packages such as psycopg2 for PostgreSQL, sqlite3 for SQLite, sqlalchemy for both types of relational databases and many more.

Other skills to have (programming libraries, algorithms etc.)

The full stack web developer should be proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other languages such as Ruby. The full stack web developer should also have knowledge of the top programming libraries and algorithms. They should know how to use SQL or NoSQL databases and have working knowledge of command line tools. They may also specialize in certain areas like user experience design or software development process management.

Getting started as a full-stack developer

Learning how to code the back-end and front-end of an application can be a long, arduous process. But it’s not impossible! And once you’ve learned how to do both, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find work as a full stack developer. Here are some steps for how to get started on your journey into full stack web development

Choosing a career path as a full stack web developer

A full stack web developer is someone who can work on both the front and back end of an application. It’s best to hire full stack developers for larger projects because they can handle the extra workload. Here are some other qualities of a great full stack developer

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