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What is a Crypto Airdrop?

If you’re interested in investing in the crypto world this year, you may have heard of the term ‘airdrop.’ An airdrop is just one of many benefits that can be built into the design of any new crypto token. Understanding how new tokens are designed and what airdrops are is essential for making smart investment decisions and finding the right crypto for your goals. Here are some insights into airdrops and other benefits of tokenomics.

Understanding Tokenomics

Tokenomics has to do with the rules, regulations, and benefits built into each new cryptocurrency’s design. Each new token is designed to incentivize traders and investors to purchase, hold, and generally participate in using this new coin. The whitepaper, which is created with every new cryptocurrency, will outline the goals and motivations behind the design of the token, as well as all of that token’s unique benefits and rules. You can learn a lot about a token through its whitepaper, and it may help you speculate on that particular token’s long-term success in the marketplace.

What are Airdrops?

Airdrops are random and free distributions of tokens to holders of a specific coin. Airdrops are a tool meant to encourage the use of that coin and get traders to participate in the exchange of that crypto. FTX’s new token, FTT, offers regular airdrops of the SRM token to its FTT holders in order to encourage the use of the new Serum DEX. FTX token airdrops can be randomly distributed, and the amount you receive can vary greatly depending on the project. The Serum DEX is designed to be a user-friendly and fast decentralized exchange for all traders. New crypto projects like the Serum exchange often need incentive campaigns like airdrops to get investors exploring and testing the new platform. Airdrops can be highly beneficial for investors as it’s free money and a chance to diversify your investment portfolio, try a new exchange, and see the benefits of this new, free cryptocurrency. You can receive these airdrops for simply holding crypto.

Other Benefits

Airdrops are just one benefit that can be built into the design of a new token. There are many other benefits that you should be aware of before you begin investing in cryptocurrencies.

Burning crypto is a deflationary practice that removes a portion of the tokens in circulation to maintain the value of the remaining coins. Token burn is an essential practice in the crypto world that is becoming increasingly important as the market fluctuates. Some cryptocurrencies, such as FTT, will implement regular coin burns that will protect the interests of traders and help maintain the FTT ecosystem. Regularly, a third of all fees generated by the FTX platform will be used to buy back and burn a large portion of FTT in circulation, regulating the price for all users.

Other benefits to tokens can be the discounts they provide for coin holders. If you are invested in FTT, for example, you will get fee discounts across the FTC platform, including when you trade crypto, purchase NFTs, mint NFTs, and more.

There can be many hidden benefits and drawbacks to specific crypto tokens. You will need to research and inspect each new token’s whitepaper before you make any investments. Investing in crypto can be highly volatile but could show significant rewards over time. Start investing today and learn more about the unique ways that cryptocurrencies can benefit you. 

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