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What Factors Affect the Success and Failure of Mobile Games?

A video game frequently played on a mobile phone is referred to as a mobile game or smartphone game. The word also covers any portable games played on any device, whether a mobile phone (feature phone or smartphone), tablet, PDA, handheld gaming console, portable media player, or graphing calculator, both with and without network access. 

Thousands of different games are released everyday by mobile game development companies. However, the success of these launched games is the prime focus of the gaming industry. There are certain factors which determine the success and failure of any launched game. In this article we shall study about these factors. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Games By A Game Development Company

Many mobile apps and multi-genre games are free to download on several online app stores. The main topics of this talk are how you like playing mobile games and how this enjoyment affects your health, lifestyle and mental health. Mobile gaming completely flips the script by limiting your access to the real world in various ways. The advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

Advantages of Mobile Games 

  • Enhances Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: Kids can play various mobile games from the app stores to develop their analytical and problem-solving abilities. Mobile quiz games contain concealed logical elements that can improve children’s comprehension and learning.
  • Teamwork: The app stores offer millions of possibilities for playing the best mobile games with friends if you’re seeking a good group with which to exchange thoughts. When playing multiplayer mobile games, you can get to know your gaming companions well, regardless of location or language. It’s simple to solve puzzles and challenges as a group, whether a quest or a mission.
  • Behavioral Improvement: You can include abilities that alter your perception and behavior by using your tactical skills, interacting with your teammates, and managing a team. You can devise a plan of attack with your peers and generate solutions to a problem that you can use in real-world scenarios.
  • Alertness and Prompt Response: Most mobile games require attentive conduct to score and finish missions; therefore, they better develop your stimulus-response skills. Everybody, from children of all sizes to adults, can benefit from mobile games developed by a game development company. Some of the most well-known and top mobile games provide more than speed and brain training.
  • Improves Vocabulary: The ideal approach for kids to have fun and learn simultaneously is through Android games. You can browse various mobile games for vocabulary and learning on the Play Store. Find the finest vocabulary games for Android if you want to keep your kids occupied while you go about your business.

Disadvantages of Mobile Games 

If your child has over-indulged in mobile or video games, you as a parent will notice a few after-math in your child’s behavior. Note the following points and monitor your child’s screen time:

  • Distraction: Children are more likely to listen to their parents and quickly get distracted by games. Many worried parents can relate to this downside because it has been noted that children who play video games lose focus on their education.
  • Impulsive Behavior: Even the best mobile games incorporate an element of suspense by being either racing or adventure-based. Children frequently choose these games over those that encourage creativity and educational strategies. These impulsive behavior-promoting Android games encourage children’s impatience.
  • Serving Violence: Most parents are unaware of mobile games that are inappropriate for their children. Many war apps developed by a mobile game development company on mobiles openly promote killing for points, making it simple to incite violent behavior in children.
  • Social Isolation: More gaming time equates to less time spent in reality. This adverse effect of mobile apps extends beyond children to include adults. Long-term use of a mobile device may make you lose interest in the outer world.

Factors Responsible For The Failure of Mobile Games

Uses Mobile Battery: Your phone’s battery is more likely to be drained if you play games too frequently or for too long. Playing Android games online makes this disadvantage more obvious. Constantly playing Android games online can permanently reduce your phone’s battery life. It’s time you realized there are more important things to do with a smartphone than just hanging around.

Consume Mobile Space: It’s best to frequently check your phone’s settings for garbage files. Here is the second-most common disadvantage of android games, in case you were unaware. Every time you run a game or other app, it consumes disc space and accumulates on your disc. As advised, maintain a cleaning app on your phone to regularly delete unwanted files. Clear the app’s cache or data if possible (It may delete previous scores or records).

Heats The Phone: Some games employ HD visuals and animation, which your device cannot handle. Your phone may suddenly become hot, losing its battery life. Your phone may be overheating owing to an inadequate configuration or an incompatibility with the gaming software.

Paid Upgrades: These days, game makers sometimes use free Android games online to entice customers before requesting a paid update. Even several well-known and top mobile games use this strategy to trap consumers in a dilemma. You are left with few free options after losing a level or needing an upgrade after another, and you ultimately must pay to move on to the next level.

Annoying Ads: One of the main issues with mobile gaming today is the clickbait technique. You might encounter these frustrating moments with every in-app purchase game when you are compelled to view a movie or open a promotional app in the middle of the game. You may keep playing for as long as the video ad lasts, typically up to 15 or 30 seconds.

Factors Responsible For The Success Of Mobile Games Developed By A Game Development Company

Despite the disadvantages and factors responsible for the failure of mobile phones, a few factors have played a massive role in their success. The factors are-

Attractive graphical design: Graphical designing of games is an industry which is here to stay. Designers use their creativity to give the most attractive design to the games so that it appeals to the audience at large.

Appealing Animations: Animations are an essential part of any gaming design. Quick animations with real-like movements attract people to indulge in gaming often.

Hero-like characters: Graphic designers are great psychologists too. They understand the audience’s pulse and create a character whom they idolize. These characters are given special powers and made the protector by a mobile game development company. 

Larger-than-life, picturesque layout: The games’ backdrop must be appealing and have a larger-than-life feel. The picturesque themes create a real-life-like experience and make the games more alluring.

Availability of charging points: These days, it has become convenient to avail charging points at almost every nook and corner. The quick-charging feature in smartphones is the icing on the cake. 


Mobile gaming has impacted the video game market by decreasing demand for portable game systems.The video game industry has significantly changed regarding goods, costs, and revenue during the last few years. The emergence of mobile games has come to represent the late 2000s and early 2010s. 

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Juego Studios is a leader in bringing high-quality, creative gaming products and ideas into the digital space. In addition, they actively assist their clients in providing exceptional mobile gaming services, identifying the risks and possibilities that address both urgent concerns & long-term value creation. For further details, visit their official website. 

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