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What business to start in 2023

Sale of second-hand products

Either to get extra money or for sustainability reasons, it is obvious that the sale of second-hand products is presented as one of the most profitable businesses in Spain, with the greatest projection for the future. 

You can invest in this profitable business in several ways: 

Selling your own products – If you have things you no longer use that are in a reasonable state of care, you can use apps like Vinted or Wallapop to find buyers. Dedicate yourself to the resale of used products: the most profitable business consists of buying second-hand products at a low price to sell them later through the Internet with a commercial margin. Create your second-hand product sales platform: you can design a marketplace for buyers and sellers to meet and carry out their transactions on your website. As you can see, in all cases we are facing profitable investments with a great future in Spain, since people are beginning to get used to selling what they no longer need.

In which business to invest

Online insurance broker

Another of that profitable business that is more current than ever is insurance brokers.  Even if you are looking for ideas to set up a profitable business or a startup, when selling insurance online or through apps, you have a little-exploited market, with the ability to generate good returns. The good thing about setting up an insurance brokerage is that it is a profitable business with little investment since if you are going to operate over the Internet, you do not even need to have premises or an office.  The procedures related to insurance sales can be done over the Internet, from home, without having to invest more money than what you want to spend on Facebook ads to attract more customers.  In case it is still not clear to you, an insurance broker is an intermediary between clients and insurance companies.

And although it is a business with a lot of competition, we believe that it is one of those profitable investments that soon begins to pay off. More than anything because insurance meets basic needs and there are many companies making good offers. 

Pet sitting service

Bearing in mind that there are more and more pets in Spanish families, regular care for them can sometimes become a problem.  Why? Well, because a couple who works late, for example, may have problems taking their dog for a walk during working hours (so that it meets her basic needs).  And the same thing happens when a family organizes a vacation in a place where pets are not allowed. In that case, there is no choice but to modify the plans or stay at home.  For this reason, profitable businesses in Spain such as providing pet care services are beginning to be very successful. 

It is a profitable business with little investment, which is enough to have a love for animals and some space for the dogs —or the little cats— to feel comfortable during the time in which their families cannot attend to them. You also need to promote your services on social media, great uprising social media remains to be TikTok. For growth, you will need organically get more followers on TikTok. Try to experiment and use different styles of editing for success. 

These types of services can become profitable businesses in towns since in rural areas there is usually land left over to care for pets.  And if you do not have a suitable place, you can also provide the service at the client’s home, since what it is about is satisfying the basic needs of the animal just like it’s family would.

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