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What are the top Diwali Gifts for Employees?

Diwali, the festival of lights, is when all communities come together to celebrate this special occasion. It is also an annual celebration when companies gift their employees to thank them for their love, support, and loyalty towards the company. However, choosing the best Diwali gifts for employees can be difficult.

For companies to consider buying for their employees, we have put together a list of unique Diwali gifts they’ll love and appreciate.

Best Diwali Gifts for Employees

Making employees feel like they are an essential part of the company is critical because they are the company’s greatest asset. Employee gifts for Diwali these days need to be special and one-of-a-kind. Giving eco-friendly Diwali gifts has become a trend these days.

1) Plantable Stationery Combo Set:

This is one of the best environmentally-friendly gifts and contains paper pencils, colouring eco pens, and a plantable notepad with mixed seeds (flowers, vegetables, and herbs). They are packed in eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable jute bags. Once the employees have used the items, the seeds can be grown into a plant.

2) Candles:

Candles, as gifts, are unique ways to express gratitude and show appreciation toward your employees. There are many handcrafted candles, such as soy-scented candles, organic-scented candles, etc. Handcrafted candles burn cleanly and last for a longer time.

3) Coffee Mugs:

When it comes to corporate gift ideas, coffee mugs are at the top of the list. Most employees prefer to use their own mugs while they are at work. There are many eco-friendly coffee mugs made from renewable sources. For instance, stoneware coffee mugs. These mugs are more durable, do not chip easily, and keep liquid hotter for a longer time. Amala earth offers unique collections of eco-friendly coffee mugs that your employees will appreciate.

4) Pooja Essentials:

During Diwali, Laxmi Pooja is one of the most vital rituals performed. Hence, pooja essentials are excellent corporate gifts. Pooja thali/plate is an integral part of pooja essentials. Pooja thalis are made from different materials, and thalis made from brass and wood are aesthetically attractive. Most pooja thali gift sets include a plate, bell, lamp, incense stick holder (agarbatti stand), and a small idol.

5) Festive/Ethnic Wear:

Ethnic clothing makes an excellent choice for Diwali presents. Ethnic clothing can be worn every day or on special occasions. These days you find an environmentally friendly clothing line that is fashionable as well as durable, in addition, minimizes carbon footprint. Moreover, they are also comfortable and require minimal maintenance!

6) Desk Essential Combo:

Employees spend a significant portion of their time at work. The working atmosphere will be enhanced by receiving brand-new and stylish office essentials for Diwali. This is also a good gratitude gift for an employee’s commitment and hard work. Desk necessities can include reporters, digital organizers, professional notebooks, and engraved metal pens.

7) Home Decor:

Employees will be happy and pleased when being gifted home décor. This is a great corporate gift for an employee’s dedication, especially considering that they are in charge of keeping things organized and functioning properly throughout the year.

8) Indoor Plants:

Giving indoor plants is one of the best eco friendly corporate gifts for employees. It is also an excellent way to let them know you value and care about them. Plants will make them feel better, be less stressed, and be more productive at work. 

9) Copper Water Bottle:

A copper water bottle will make a wonderful Diwali present for your employees. Due to their numerous useful features, they make great gifts for employees. They are durable, sustainable corporate gifts and a great way to minimize plastic waste.

10) Wooden Lifetime Calendar:

Wooden Lifetime Calendars make the ideal present because they are durable and useful. Additionally, these calendars look lovely in every office decor. Hence, such a gift will be fully appreciated by employees.


Corporate gifts are an effective way to promote brand identity and culture. Gifting employees is a way for a company to show that they value and care for their employees and is certainly among the best ways to motivate an employee to become more productive at work.

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