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What are the risks of fat transfer to the buttocks?

Brazilian butt lift?

A type of surgery for buttock augmentation is the BBL. It is specifically an autologous fat transfer to the glutes. This implies that a surgeon will transfer your own fat cells to your buttocks during the treatment from other parts of your body, typically the belly, thighs, and hips.

It is also called Buttock lifts and is a distinct subset of cosmetic surgery. The BBL effectively shifts undesired or extra body fat from one location to another, where you would want more fullness. In comparison to buttock implants, the BBL might yield more realistic-looking outcomes.

There are many different kinds of plastic surgery operations, from rhinoplasties to breast augmentations. For individuals who want to enlarge their buttocks, Brazilian butt lifts or secure subcutaneous buttock augmentations have recently gained popularity. 

Know How a Brazilian butt lift Works

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) involves employing liposuction to remove extra fat from another area of the body (the hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs). Following that, the butt is purposefully injected with fat to stiffen and increase its appearance. In the end, the whole procedure is simple:

Anesthesia: Brazilian butt lifts are frequently carried out under anesthetic. Instead of anesthetic, numbing drugs will be utilized during a lesser treatment.

Liposuction: The procedure for liposuction, which involves creating tiny incisions in the skin and suctioning out excess fat, will start after you’ve been given some sleep.

Purification: After the fat is taken out of the body, it is cleaned up and prepared for injection into the butt.

Injection: To inject the fat into the buttocks, a surgeon will make a number of tiny incisions. The fat is introduced through a number of incisions to give the appearance of being full and rounded.

Stitches: After the fat transfer procedure is finished, the incisions will be sutured. The surgeon will then place compression garments over the proper locations to assist reduce bleeding and swelling.

How Long Does Brazilian butt Lift Last?

You should have more full, bouncy buttocks towards the end of your recovery period in addition to an improved body form and proportions.

A Brazilian butt lift ought to last a lifetime, but if the transfer doesn’t take, a patient might need more than one treatment to get the desired result. In most cases, you can determine whether the transfer bonded successfully after three months.

Weight fluctuations may have an impact on this surgery’s results. Your buttocks may increase if you put on weight, and they may shrink if you lose them. Your buttock fat cells can expand and contract, so it’s essential to keep your weight consistent to sustain benefits. During the initial phase of recuperation, increase the intake of healthy fats. if you are planning to get Brazilian Buttlift Fat Transfer in San Diego, Allurant Medical Spa is the best spa for better treatment

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